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We went from on a clear. Remember this. We went from the common data storage, medium of the floppy disk of one point full full megabytes, Susan, nothing, which is nothing that's less than the photo on your iphone nowadays. Yeah. And you had to have whole programs? I remember getting copies of myself office from from my Safina was working in the in the mid nineties. Yeah, and it will come in like fifty-six, floppy disks you have you have to load. Prevailing. Those floppy disks were bad, which had. Yeah, and so that's kind of where we were, and then the CD ROM came out on the back of the CD audio disc and the CD ROM with basically was the same technology, but just storing pure dice set of audio streams. Six hundred and fifty megabytes. Yeah, and then they squeeze a bit more avenue. I think it my thinking logically went up to roundabout six, eight thousand seven hundred defending of your February was where kind of maxed out. And at that point we got the DVD, but let's concentrate on the CD ROM format. It was invented by Dennen for those who don't remember. I think Dennis still around, but Dalian's. Really high end audio manufacturer of component stereo systems that I didn't always made really good stuff. I don't know if I ever actually owned a piece of equipment, but I always liked their stuff was always cool, cool looking and I was letting the Nightline so then insanitary coal. Yeah, it did. It's a good one. So they invented this technology and unveiled it in eighty four alongside Sony, and it really did for those who don't remember it. There was a craze from the mid eighties little bit beyond that because I don't. It didn't take off right away, but just caught the end of the eighties through, let's say, ninety eight ninety nine somewhere in there. Ninety eight because ninety nine is when the DVD really started hitting big. So for not quite a decade, but almost a decade. CD-rom was the preferred. Method of getting content for computer users, and I remember going into circuit cities and best buys and places like that. Little computer shops looking at external CD ROM drives and. There were shelves full of content. I'm not talking about just games. There were games, but more importantly, there was all of this content that we would consider. Well, that would make more sense as a webpage. You're absolutely right, but there was no websites and there were all these interactive things that you could buy and and few in. You could also back up your own data. I remember getting my first CD ROM. It was built into a MAC and I immediately copied every single floppy drive that I owned onto my hard drive and immediately burned all of them to a couple of CD roms. But even that they Bill the ability to create your own CD's came lace. I remember my first CD ROM drive. I remember this quite vividly at bolt. This PC from a column kind of competes affair. And you know it was. It wasn't brand new, but you know, it was pretty good for the day, and I played doom and stuff like that on did a bit work on it and everything, but it didn't have a CD ROM drive. And I remember going with my first wife at the time to another competes affair. And you know, we sold the internal CD-roms there and they would. They wouldn't cheat. No. She said she said, oh, you know, you should buy one. I clearly remember taking that thing. I'm how it I was and fitting into my computer, and then I had some CD-rom covetously come with a couple of magazines I've been put in and how different using the computer was. Then you had someone, you know, people really kind of built on the fullness you. You did have streaming video on these very quality commensurable we have now on these discs, you had remember much soft cancer, the encyclopedia program or. Absolutely. Yeah. Which was like Wikipedia on the disk. Yeah. And that also had video and photos and stuff like that. Of course, it was. It wasn't great compared to nowadays because it was great compared to what we had at the time which you even though say, compare to it was great. It was fantastic. Here's some of the big titles that I found online. You remember Cinna mania, nineteen Ninety-four..

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