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Is the verse all your show? Glad once again to be here. Thank you very much of having us in. We have three hours a compelling radio between now and noon today Limbaugh, of course, crosses the threshold of twelve noon. And then we go from there. Apparently, the mayor now says she's willing to hold a news conference on the healthy. Holly book deal, quote as soon as possible. Yesterday. We mentioned that the mayor has reportedly has the Monja and is in an area hospital. Quote, however spokesperson James Bentley says, quote, the mayor looks forward to a detailing to the media and public the arrangement with the university of Maryland medical system to produce healthy Holly children's books as soon as possible following her release from a hospital. I should've been hospitalized over the weekend from pneumonia serious stuff, by the way that a serious stuff. Medical system. Paid pew for about one hundred thousand copies of herself published healthy Holly books and five orders of twenty thousand books each five bucks, a piece, I guess she didn't look up too much of a deal. Man, if you're going to buy one hundred thousand books from some thank you, get the wholesale rate. But I guess not. She has since then resigned the board. And now is having a sign up for says mayor Catherine Pugh making Sheila Dixon looked like a rookie. Wow. Okay. So it goes on and she still holds a firm grasp on the mayor's seat in Baltimore City. This is just classic self-dealing. But she looks forward to tell us all about it. Whether or not she takes questions will be interesting to see remember last Thursday. She said that she was glad the important messages in the book reached our city's children. Well, apparently, did not least not very much. We keep asking that. If any of you has seen a healthy Holly book if you have one in your possession. Call us, let us know. We'll get it here the station somehow and a dramatic reading of it so far. I mean since the story broke last week. Not a single soul has said. Oh, yeah. I have one in my hands right now. So the question there because exactly which of our cities children actually did get the box. It's not in the proud library. No, it's not there. It's a little question is exactly where it is. And what's been used for that is a swimming? Of course that these runs of twenty thousand books at a time have actually all been printed. And we're not able yet to find the name of the printer. We know the name of the publisher though, the publishing company was healthy. Holly LLC. Why? It sounds familiar so mayor, Catherine Pugh rights, healthy, Holly books, and the publisher is healthy Holly. Oh, gosh. Yes. Of course, she's also the publisher. So she gets both the authors cut and the publishers cut from this. From the healthy, Holly books. Okay. There you go. There's nothing else to say on this other than we're not as corrupt Chicago. That's all you can say Baltimore. We're not as corrupt Chicago. And I say that only because the jussie smollet thing because if that happened here. Way. Of course, the year if that happened here, we'd all be saying the same thing says Chicagoans are saying at least for not as corrupt as Baltimore. The system is fish rots from the head, folks. Old saying and. This particular mackerel is around three weeks old sitting out in the hot sun. It smells bad it, smells, very, very bad. But mayor was looking forward to talking to us all about it. I'm looking forward to hearing that Anna Baltimore County now. Delegate J jealousy. Democrat from system. Is upset at the ethics investigation. He says is a nasty smear campaign and a sham investigation. Now. Sometimes when people say, this is actually the case that it is a nasty smear campaign and Shamma investigation usually happens when one political party decides to target somebody of the opposite political party. In this case. The house of delegates. As the state Senate is controlled at now and has been I believe since two weeks after the great flood by Democrats. Not remember to bring all the animals including the horses in the on two by two. So. We know which ones headed for government. The ethics report put out by the Democrats about this democrat, j jealousy. Pattern of bullying abusive workplace behavior. There's been ongoing pattern of bullying and abusive workplace behavior on the part of delegate jealousy towards staff, particularly female, staff members and what things are not yesterday. It is alleged that Mr. jealousy. Doc. Editor delegates. Had one of his employees stand in his office and say over and over again, I am incompetent. I am incompetent. I am incompetent. No, that's not bullying just working on articulation. Then he had them say Peter piper picked a peck pickled peppers after that. Over and over again. And then really if they're getting good at that. You put on the spot with she sells seashells, Don by the seashore. So it was just simply a matter of elocution. He was playing doctor Henry Higgins in my fair lady and is hoping that his staff would play along. So it's all just a big misunderstanding. Dyers? He's a frustrated thespian not that there's anything wrong with that. Just wanted his staff to enjoy. Old musicals as much as he does. You see this is all just a big misunderstanding. Next, by the way, he's going to be a having the snap. Do all of the parts in music man, including a little kid with a list of just I mean warning for those of you have the staff of jealousy. One of your kids gets to play the little little kid who sings the wheel Fargo Wagoneer calm down to three though will Fargo wagon before warrant folks, it's on the way. And now we have another delegate calling for an immediate inspection of living quarters for laurel park. This is where the backstretch workers. This is one of these daily dollar short things. Nick Moesby is now calling on anaerobic county officials to inspect what he calls. Deplorable living conditions of the dormitories laurel park provides its backstretch workers now already the Stronach group is set to spend a whole lot of money maverick. They have they an Amish built barn that has all kinds of additional sleeping quarters on the top level of the barn. They just have to actually assemble it on site. This is a three point eight million dollar building in part financed by one point nine billion in state subsidies. And it's sitting there could be installed either at laurel or buoy. I guess the discussions are going on within the company is to exactly where to install it. So there you have it and most these rhetoric about horses living better than the workers is just nonsense. The way the senators Pam beetle and delegate Mark Chang. Disregarded. His demand that the Democrats withdraw bills supporting new funding, mechanisms benefiting laurel part in my view. We shouldn't be spending our money on this stuff at all. But that is why I'm here. And there there I guess because they enjoy spending public money on private enterprise, I bear no ill will to the store that group. They can have their races wherever they wish they can take the Preakness wherever they wish and do whatever they wish just don't ask everybody who doesn't care all that much about the Preakness to pay for it. And that's what's really going on here. If you're going to have state money going to doesn't matter Bowie, laurel Pimlico or any other privately owned enterprise to help prop up that business. You'd better be able to justify it based on a substantial return. This isn't a bond where you know, you're going to get some money back at the end this as an investment where you're buying shares Stronach group. This is here have almost two million dollars. Play. Well. And there you go. To me. It's going to be a one more incentive. This kind of petty harassment from Annapolis. One more incentive for the Stronach group say no little unclear as to why we're paying a lot of these taxes in Maryland. Gee, where do we have a track where there are no state taxes, and they have a built in audience for horse racing Gulfstream? Here we come. I think that's going to happen with an example years. I mean is it is on the way our men is in Baltimore. I up on talk radio six eighty WCBS following my opening remarks. Good morning. Hi. I initially wanted to talk about two things. But one of which you're not talking about at the moment. But you mentioned something about JJ leafy. Yes. When I was driving along rices town road like last year. I guess I kept the signs about him. I said. And so I looked him up. He's a medical doctor his real name. If I remember correctly is not on notes. It's not pronounced right? And it's not surprising that he particularly does not treat the female staff members very well because he's a Muslim and in his culture. They don't. Well, I'm not gonna lay that on him. If that's their people. That I'm not saying that, you know, maybe that it is the reason I'm saying it may be the reason fair enough. It could also be the reason that of from what the ethics committee is alleging that the guy's a horse's rear end. The bullet. I did read. Yes. I did read that he has some issues and problems with various things including some property that he owned so. Yeah. It does look like there. You know, some issues to confront with him. According to what I found out when I did some digging. I appreciate that. Yeah. Yeah. I look at people deserve to be viewed as not guilty until proven guilty. However in this circumstance, there are enough people who've come forward to assert that misbehavior has taken place you at least have to look at it. Now, he's saying that his due process rights. I have been consistently violated. He was not in the house of delegates yesterday for the second consecutive day. Instead, it was Roddy copies of the allegations on Friday and a hearing before the ethics committee was held on Saturday. The report was issued Monday night. Quote, is almost seems the ethics committee report was written even before the committee hearing, and I have no idea if that's the case. However, he refused apparently to approve overtime. He worked his staff. A number of extra hours required. One employee. Can't say noted to stand in his office and say, I am incompetent. I am incompetent this this. If verified is pretty bizarre behavior. So we'll see how many thanks for your call. Appreciative Brazilian show. Talk radio six eighty WCBS. If you wish.

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