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He's translated that sort of indefatigable -bility that you've got to kill me thing into his real life. Just is a strong guy, and he's got strong opinions. And when we talk in the morning, I find a cathartic because it's the opposite of wishy washy, but we ended up talking about tennis because God knows I've ever watched so much tenants in my life, and I'm always enamored of talking to him about it. Most people say they don't want to start at the beginning in these interviews, but I do because there's nowhere else to start man. You had a beautiful based orca off of with your mom, and it's funny. There's always a quartet of people in the book that are referred to it. It's mom and pop and it's a poncho, and it's to mom, and you know, it's it's a it's a pretty amazing. Explain this this group of people who has. Guided you through what is obviously one of the mount Rushmore tennis careers of all time. Well, first of all dentists, I mean, you know, my mom, and my they gave me everything I gave me life, you know. And and and then to come into, you know, an opportunity, you know, to be able to be around the tennis into play the tennis that I happen to take to it. But that grew, but I got to spend time with my mom, and my grandmother, and my grandfather, and and, you know, which to me was the most important that was my family, and my brother was playing tennis at that, Johnny, Johnny. Yes. And so it was really, you know, just, you know, something that as far as family goes was the most important, but I think my mom gave us the tennis to really get us away off the streets and to give us something to work work at it. And to try to get good at maybe get a college education somewhere along the line. But you gotta remember back then no money. So why was I really gonna play tennis? You know to to try to get good. You know, and and that wasn't my mom's idea. Well, I want you to get good. And and I want you to go out and make a lot of money on this. You know, get good get along the way, you know, grow. If you can't get better. And then see where tennis takes you just love the fact she passed on what she was good at. Yeah. I just read Jimmy's autobiography recently, it's called the outsider. Great read, folks. And I had no idea and I call her his mum. I get bring myself to look because it seems to flip. But your mom was a hell of a player when she was. Yeah. She was she was the the best in the Missouri valley, and and her mom, my mom was was quite a player herself. And she was self taught. And then she taught my mother, so I'm third generation. But yeah, she traveled and played Ponsa. Girl was great friend. Bobby Riggs was a great friend. Pauline betz. The the great players of, you know, the women players are the day were all her friends. And you know, she was. You know, even till the day. She died nobody outside of her poncho cigar to people that absolutely love tennis, more than anybody. I've ever been around and and even up until the day she died it was on. It was it was quite an upbringing. When Jimmy says to mom, you have to explain the the vernacular there, but that's closer where with your grandma. It's my second mom, you know, if my mom was out teaching and she did most every day to to supplement the family's income. And so my grandmother my to mom was feeding her sandwiches through the fence. But also taking care of my my brother, Johnny and myself also along the way, so that she could make all that possible to it was it was a really from the very beginning. Whether you like it or not it was a great team. You know, but back then, you know, team did meet anything not like it does today. It was you know, try to make everything possible. So that we can do it. We really liked to do and, you know, play in the tennis back, then Dennis was much different. You know, there was no indoor clubs and great facilities. You know?.

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