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This is the pinnacle of humanity's capacity for evil. And it's just like it's just insane. And i i. It's kind of interesting. Maybe you have the same thought process. But i like independence like we were talking about. Because they're fresh they're new they don't have to try to keep with some continuity from seventy eight years ago but then something like this comes along. It's like well this is perfect. You pulled some great stuff from thirty forty fifty sixty years ago. Continuity in comics is equal parts of the best thing in the worse. Yes there you go because you could not tell this story with the same impact with like black hammer. No you couldn't tell this story with invincible invincib- well now you could well now you. Yeah but it doesn't have eighty year history. There's just not that kind of gravitas to it and you can tell those like you can like the the smart thing that jeff amir's done and black hammer and one day we'll sit and talk about black hammer that we can. We can definitely do that. But one thing jeff amir has done is he's given an idea of a history so we're you have black hammer's only been around five years maybe a little bit longer. He's built this whole world where you could believe that something that happened in world war two which is a story he told matters to a story that set you know a thousand years in the future and it matters now and it matters in like this quantum realm and it matters and he he's done jeff lemaire basically breaks every rule. I could ever come up with comics. He's he's just done the a also side note he's done a sequel slash retelling slash new telling of sweet tooth. And all my buckets. It is so trippy and it shouldn't be allowed like like jeff. Lemaire is one of is one of the preeminent comic book creators and he knows i exist by the way super humble brag. That is not humble. Anyway i can go on the history like you said it's the most the best and worst thing is to have eighty years of history to but jeff was able to pull from these iconic moments and bring back the the comedian with the iconic camera. I mean he used that predominantly especially in issue three of this and just had that look and poll from those traumatic moments and put some iconic characters. You know red hood robin whatever you wanna call him. Barbara bat girl batman altogether plus all those jokers so smart and jason. I'm just going to touch on this real quick one of my favorite selling points for the book every single panel on every single page of every issue of this three issue. Giant-sized epic a masterpiece. It's all like be best things. I've ever seen in one of the reasons that it took forever for this to come out is geoff. Johns and jason facebook both wanted it to be done before the first issue came out and then covid hit and everything you know everything got up but.

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