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He love when you follow us on our on our social media feeds as well. But I never thought certainly as a young man as a ten year old man, ten year old man. I wasn't a man yet even in the eyes of the Lord as a ten year old kid. Did in Staten Island New York would flip on the television sets on Friday nights. John Neider said football. John Schneider just said, never thought that Bo Duke would be asking me about Bo Shumba cler and I would have to correct. Bo Duke, or at least inform him of Tim Biakabutuka's name. I never thought that would ever happen though as a ten year old watching Bo, Duke Co. is that I would have my own TV show on day, of course, a dreamer that just happened. Check that box. Tim Bianca, Patuca. We had a, he came with a whole list by the way that he wanted to say sports was because he's teed loves golf and he's got other things in his life. So he's not his locked in on sports and that's fine. We don't need. I would rather talk with him about and get a story like he told about the on the set of smoking in the bandit and hanging with Jackie Gleason than I would try to get any sort of sports takeout of him if it wasn't for real. What were you saying over there? I was just saying like watching dukes of hazzard reruns as like an eight year old and then going out to our station family station wagon rolling down the window and trying to jump into the window. How'd that go for you? Not not great. Do you have literally wearing the scars from that right now? No, no, no, thank you. Didn't get that hurt? I didn't get that her, but it didn't go. Well, hey, we've all tried that. Of course. I still, I still slide across the hood to you really these days sometimes. Do you really why not? No kidding. Truecar is bringing you our final polls today terms like dealer price list, price invoice or no longer confusing because you get a true price.

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