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Yeah and you know fentanyl is is just and and all these drugs and and map is becoming a much bigger problem in the US you know we heard about math a lot last decade just arrested two Arkansas professors chemistry professors just like Walter white breaking bad right exactly and so because sentinels cut into mass to those death rates are rising as well it's going to Bonnie in Kentucky let's see if we have time real fast money go ahead hi yeah and I'll try to be fat just one just one that's all we'll have time for a guy and well I just wondered how how it look for people that because you have a heart attack you just I think you could you suffocate and they're getting so much hospitals they gave it to me a month ago terribly is that normal what do they give it to you for I had surgery and was found in recovery that a given that they are shaking so bad they had to give a demerol to calm me down well I like I don't I don't think that's normal certainly but I will say that when Sentinel is given in a hospital setting these are trained professionals they know how to use the dosage properly Sentinel remains an important drugs in house so that's not to say that if I was a woman giving birth I would want fentanyl in and out but they're all things like that my wife has has stronger feelings about that than I do but for the most part you don't have to be afraid of hospital sentinels then what is an elephant tranquilizer we've heard about two that's sort of car fentanyl and if you think that fentanyl is bad car fentanyl is one hundred times stronger legally since you are making now well that's being made in China as well and that does you killed a lot of people in Ohio places like Florida you know one of those Jurassic Park movies they use car fentanyl as the the dinosaur train collide right okay if you think that you know that gives you a sense of how strong it is then good luck with the book here in Saint Louis I saw send your tax in a couple days and we'll try to set up a date to get together okay absolutely well thank you Georgia having me on thank you what a great book so needed federal ink by Ben Westhoff information it coast to coast AM dot com don't miss it this is probably one of the most important subjects I personally have dealt with in a long time it is an epidemic it is a crisis and it's got to be stopped up next we'll talk about a couple near death experiences that changed the life of our.

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