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Meteorologist Mike Jansen is going to be quiet tonight with mainly clear skies. Temperatures dropping back down into the upper sixties to near 70 degrees and then mostly sunny once again for Friday. Inland. Highs in the lower nineties but lower eighties are expected at the lakefront mostly clear again Friday night, with the temperature dropping to near 70 degrees once more. Mostly sunny here for the holiday Saturday with a high near 90 inland. But nearly 10 degrees cooler by the lake Sunday becomes partly cloudy in the afternoon. We'll be a little bit warmer, with highs in the lower nineties inland but lower eighties are expected at the lake will start to feel that humidity returning on Monday. Mostly sunny could see a few stray showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Look for inland highs in the lower eighties but mid eighties expected by the legs run will be partly cloudy and human here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each day does bring a chance for widely scattered showers and thunderstorms with inland highs in the lower nineties, mid eighties at the lake from the W. GM Weather Center, a meteorologist Mike Jansen, The city of Chicago announced tonight. If you're traveling into the city from a Corona virus hot spot, you'll need to quarantine for 14 days before venturing out into Chicago. WG ends Shannon Halligan reports starting Monday, People traveling to Chicago from 15 states will be required to quarantine for two weeks, The city announced the emergency travel order in an effort to prevent an increase in coded 19 cases. The list of states includes Florida, where Corona.

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