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Lose a lose show up and it with my promptly now on the anc's uh with swimming they get past minnesota february two pitcher knox who nagham sauce honey great gave one you're gonna go see he game killed because i i both you feel with an oscar in game two personal look at he he's rakkad if it was swimming if they walking one looking he's record the yankees lost this yes i have more competence which easygoing in game two they lose that's knock and i think it's a no brainer that what what his playoff experience what he's done this year you have to move this in mind just keep this in mind 'cause i think this has to be a big factor when you talk about game too the guy who pitched his game two is your first arm available or potential starter if you decided for some reason not to start sunny gray he's your guy for game five because of the way the off these lay out so if you make the decision to go see see over masahiro tanaka and you're using the logic of sea sees ability to win games after the yankees lose which is just true i mean the facts back yup just remember you're making a decision impacts game five so or you okay with ccb and guy number one coming out of the bullpen in game five versus masahiro tanaka at a big factor because both guys are gonna be on regular rest one other thing to back up his point move back it up leuenberger hero masahiro tanaka splits home and road in 2017 at home is eight and five with a three four eight era on the road he's foreign seven with a six four eight era does that matter now keep in mind is remember that tanaka better home picture than road pitcher if you hold them back the game three you have him at yankee stadium greg in.

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