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I fought their footsteps on well quickly two things that we have in common you and meet head both experimented in pharmaceuticals as you were going up but also Malcolm Reed who was A very big barbecue guy a huge on youtube originally went to college to be a pharmacist. Although. He did not up getting into that line of work as well. So I guess there's no mic mixing mixing ingredients you could go cooking or you could go pharmacy, and in fact you know. In the sixteenth century pharmacy and cooking were they were sort of two sides of the same coin. and. Most pharmaceutical preparations involved food like saffron. Edible plants. and they diverged in the sixteenth century diverge more and more today nobody would accused pharmacy of. Pretending to be cuisine but back in those days, they were very related. When you lose your mom. How big of an impact was that on you and was this a contracted sickness was out of the blue like an accident or something like that? Yeah. It was very sudden. And I guess you could go out an accident. And It both I would say it had a delayed reaction at the time. I, thought well on just fine. You know this is no big deal. Just, go about my life and do you know No big deal I'm I'm seventeen you know grown man but in fact, it was enormously traumatic. And I struggled with for many years I mean still struggle with it. One. Interesting side effect I was a rock musician and high school when I was in the band and I really love that and the day she died completely gave up music. Gave it up for like twenty years. Yeah, yeah so Well. Yeah Through that. Is Your Dad there. To help in any regard can only imagine I lose my wife and I I would hope that I would be there for my three daughters in any way possible. But then of course, you have lost your life partner and there is. A need to grieve and whatever way or however that would mean to you. So how how was your relationship with your dad going through that portion? Well. You know this was back in the. Late fifties and sixties and Dad's Corner Were Work Dad's back then the way they are now but my dad was really kind of broke the mold on there and he would go to parent teacher meetings. He would make my lunch. So he was like a very involved at. He he had a hard time with. The career that I. Would say stumbled into. He was worried of course. Make a living. Like all Jewish fathers he hoped I would become a doctor. Which I didn't. And then to. Go to cooking school after college to to start writing cookbooks. Teach cooking classes. He really couldn't see it for a long time, but he finally did. When I was two or three seasons into my TV show you know what it was when a men's weekend involved in Boston. One day and we were kind of walking across the street and a car stop and said Hey Steven Reich on I love your show and it was perfect stranger and my dad looked at me he said. He did okay. Didn't Ya Yeah so so that piece was nice. No doubt. All. Right. So through your primary education years like what kind of a student were you like before college before high school. Student were you what interests did you hold things like that? Trendy, serious student. I know in my house anything less than a was considered a punishable offense. So I did well in my studies. I remember in my junior year I, I am not a jock never been good at team sports or anything, but I decided I wanted a letter. So I joined the cross country track team and that was something I could do pretty well. So I got my letter and then shortly after I became a Hippie so. It was it was I was very unconventional kid I had hair down to the middle of my back. I played in a rock band but I kept my grades up. All right we are learning a lot about Steven Reich right off the bat. So Stephen we're GONNA break here and there so I can keep format here. 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