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Uh i put grocer up there well for more jokes like these stick around these are the ch vez i guess the point is is that there there's been everyone's very much talking about the negatives which are a terrible gal but you gotta by it was a high or you you have to find time to find something joyful in your life let's rate or you won't you will make it through kisses kisses kiss kiss kiss no thanks earier laboratory a female robot sofia is being downloaded with patriarchal expectations from remain frame her silicone eyes twitch in the back of her head the door purse open aaron gibson in a very flexible and not revealing outfit at all although we practical prefer a female spy russia's in to save her she pulls the cords out of sofia's skull sofia who are you erin i'm batman sofia wide just kidding but i am here to save you saved already joking around i'm a spy jokester yo grab your purse girl i'm taking you to gloria steinem bunker the other robots are waiting for you waiting for me why to learn to be free and that's an excerpt from my movie where you play the hero where i play the hero in sensible clothes and sensible shoes rescuing a robot it's called i'm like a bird el or fly away and so clearly about a female robot getting rescued this is going to happen and 2024 which is my prediction every woman needs aguirre for this here's why do you know also fear the robot i don't she is a robot that is was built in hongkong that is a humour robot invented by a company called hanson robotics clearly a term air to villain in just like shore basing all their money to all i could pick of was the markets did you received show jim hansen japan senda diversity that showed the if they're not real people but they have like costumes and the put your hand in it yeah it is so what do they called puppet the puppet the puppet yeah.

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