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Yeah Dr Dr paying to yell at people yeah and it's not I mean you know that spend her thing but it's not just her thing it's a thing as old as time right like no matter who it is you want to ask yourself again like like I have no doubt that Oprah believes everything that comes out of her mouth her now does she like you know gild the lily a little bit to like for maximum effect of course or she wouldn't be Oprah so I don't think she you know I think she does things with a little bit of a wink and a nudge on occasion at the end of the day I think she believes all that stuff because she has created a world around her were all of those things are possible the problem I have is that for her and other people like Tony Robbins everybody else for every one of them there are the people that are making that possible by giving up their own financial right Blake security gap that paying and that just seems a little weird like if you really had something to share with the world you you wouldn't have to make people pay you to do it right right that's just of my own personal critique but it's interesting that you brought up I said my own interesting critique as if my he was interested I was interested in your thank you but it's interesting that my demag today is somebody who is like part of the satellite of Oprah Winfrey and fats Dr oz because this is the problem I have with all this stuff and it's so funny how this is all connected to everything we talk about our show right calling a Bradley show she we do lord and lady di but I do it presenting.

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