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With glasses did you well that's excited for in the next wonder on moves forward is i want her to be in modern times fighting people in dunes near release will be more whatever superheroes around during the real heroes to care that whole situation we don't need to rewrite that crazy to confuse anybody one family to do very well in the second will hold up i had to jacob too far sirov muzzle to applauds paul driver off police who could on animal syrup like it is it guy of i asked you will you know reason movie experiences worried that you have something on your who's right here but trivia crazy oh god thank you guys three stories i it hasn't been that all time the last it's my deals lifer like killed or rather i saw one roman msrb watch and i saw pirates of the caribbean it was one of those three one wonderwoman it was the best movie so far which is not saying a lot of stuff ever is due in the new reboot you know this currence excited the kurds snyder universe it's the best one it's i mean it's not hard to do but i i i saw twenty i rented patty james patten james on twitter is lined up to she's good of probably direct sequel singers cool i think so i said in the seventies we all she wants to do it and they're saying she dominica's are i i don't know how to be excited about that because it's not for me but i want to be i like well that's why i'm excited about its worst said.

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