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You can't do a best of without this. This was played all the time. Is there anything else from reckoning you would have put on there? I would have I made a different sequence orient best. I would put seven Chinese brothers said a single though. I don't know, but it was a hit as far as I. I mean, everyone's saying when I was growing. Okay. Feel like it was, what would you put on? I think these are for this sort of thing. I think these are the two songs, but if I was at another probably would be pretty persuasion. Yeah, but I think this is a fine representation that album. Yeah, and seven Chinese brothers probably wasn't wasn't hit. I don't know why everyone kind of knew where when I grew up maybe. Okay. So this is from fables. We driver eight? Yeah. This is a His hit. got to be on there. I mean, this is this is REM in a nutshell. Yeah. In your nutshell, in my this is our EM in nut sack. If that's how they marketed. That would be weird. Okay. Then. I'm not sure what you're gonna think of this choice. The second song they use from fables is life and how to live it. I think it's a great choice. It was a single. I love the song, but but I don't know what else from fables. They're from year. Oh, yeah. That's nowhere to be found on serious emission. They don't like it or something. I don't know exactly what not one of my favorites, but it's a big hit. It was a hit for them at the time. Yeah, yeah. So a little odd. That's bizarre. I would have included three from that album. What else would you? Oh, so you would have put in because it was a hit. College radio? Yeah. Okay. Next up from lifes rich pageants. We have begin the begin. It's nice hearing something else from lifes rich pageants because upon them just had fallen me. Yeah. So it's good to get two tracks. This was not a single, not mistaken was it, but I don't what else, man and fall, but that's another quite frankly, a series emission superman should have been on this, but it's a cover. So. Really knows the original. It should be on your should be on yet, but I can see why they would leave it off next up. We have fall on me obviously. Has to be on your. Yes. All right. Then we go to the tracks from document, and I think they picked the three from document that you have to put on here. You have finest works on, but not the horn mix. Absolutely not. And we also have. That's great. What if they put a best of together of their whole career and they did not include the song. I mean. Remember the the, the beastie boys and Thala. Gee, I believe they call it which was there to disc best of and they look even day had to put on fight for your right to party. And in the liner notes, they were like, we put the song on because it sucks. Ha ha. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah, we were barris by, but here it is like even if they hated it, they would have to put on. All right. And then of course, rounding out the tracks from document you have. So aside from superman and can't get there from here. Yeah, great, great. Good list from the from the IRS era I would have if they're only putting two songs from. From from license pageant I would take out. Begin began and put in super superman just because agreed even though begin the begins a better song and agreed, but superman everyone. Yes. Saying that summer I would put three songs from that and fables on their late..

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