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Foreign policy analysis to interviews with whistle blowers run the military industrial complex antiwar pro free market. That's antiwar dot com. Now more of the freshest episode free talk live presented by seiko ca. Listen online at freetalklive dot com. It's free talk live. You can bring up whatever you on here. The toll free numbers eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three here in the studio tonight. It's ian andy and nobody. Oh and the last words that were has to be voluntary. That's the last word on just about anything with me. Divvy is the voluntary choice. It's a crypto currency that allows you to easily create a master node and be part of the network and get rewarded for providing special services to it in order to be a master node. Though you do have to acquire divvy and in order to do that you can either get it at several different exchanges or just get it straight from the divvy team go to divvy project dot org. You can connect to their telegram channel connect directly with the team that way that's divvy project dot or d. i v. i. project dot org. Wow indeed all right. So i'm going to say something else actually i i was. I don't know we're now now. I've got to say it. I was thinking of saying was actually. I lost fifty dollars worth of dash. Today you lost it. Yeah i sent it yet stone from my wallet To the dash wallet at my exchange. And i know it was the right at address. I checked several times edge while it says it sent out the transaction. It's not on the blockchain explorer and it has not appeared at. I mean they're my account. So i'll know when then maybe it didn't send out. Maybe there's a network issue on on the edge side anyway. We don't have time to get into technical support here but that maybe for off the air but if there's ever an issue with the folks at edge wallet they're always very helpful in there wasn't a novel prop project a novel thing that we talked about a lot i wouldn't. I wouldn't talk about my broken dishwasher. I it's it's could mean something that could just be a simple glitch could just be a network issue. It's something we can take a closer look at off the air. But i would say that if there's an issue with edge wallet then you can always reach out to their support department. They've always been very helpful in my experience. Very responsive So check Check out divvy divvy project dot org as we continue here. We were talking about Andy you're sharing with us and document from the nineteen ninety s looking at the world health organization talking about sterilization vaccines or vaccines for the purposes. Of sterilization yeah where they just simply admit that they've pretty much since i mean this was written in nineteen ninety two and it says over the past eighteen years. So that's what back to seventy two not quite while. Yes seventy three. Yeah seventy three or four but yeah it's just this were there to blank admission from them that they've literally used vaccines for fertility regulation. And it's it's just it freaks me out. It makes me think of joseph mangala in the nazis in the experiments. Doing what they're not saying is how did they use these things. So they're admitting that those things exist but under what circumstances were they. Actually administered was administered to somebody without their knowledge and consent. Was it just sort of how people get certain vaccines issued to them. They're like give me all the vaccines do they really even know what they're receiving or was this being administered to certain people as perhaps the punishment you know. You're a bad person. We don't want you to reproduce so we're going to act that you it doesn't look like it covers that article. This is just an admission that they were doing it right. How often how frequent. We don't know we don't know but are they still as well. Yeah i mean it's it's kind of hard we know how like when we lose a right or they take additional power. We we never getting. I never get those rights back and never give that power up so why. I don't see why people believe in this crow cova. Crackdown is going to end anytime soon. If ever because they've taken the power and there's very little pushback thus far things are going to have to change on the recipient side. Go stop putting up with this crap. If they wanted to stop and so far most people are putting up with it. So i guess you know if they were for it back then. There's a good chance there still four that today. I mean keep in mind again so that this is ninety one. This paper was written. So now we know. As of nineteen eighty-six all vaccine manufacturers have complete blanket immunity from the national childhood vaccine injury act. Were they lobby congress. Because they're vaccines were hurting. People like i said eustis. Mullins wrote a book murder by injection. They had the swine flu and seventy six. A lot of people got hurt paralyzed paralyzed from the smallpox swine. Flu vaccine in the seventies so they were hurting people with vaccines and they went to congress. And said we're not gonna make vaccines anymore unless you give us blanket immunity and congress got it so congress co make vaccines anymore. Then if that's how the math works out in the markets telling.

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