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Of independence, and Alcott roads moody had been working on the side of the road. When the driver backed up running him over so far, no charges. It's over. And now, no shave November. It's time to shave raise awareness to veteran suicide that story coming up. Four thirty three on WBZ. We check traffic on the threes with Mike king. It's the Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Mike how busy today the very busy Laurie. But the good news is there's no serious incidents reported. So good news there. One twenty eight north is where we started is just crawling from route three pass Ninety-three basically Burlington up into burn southbound delays route sixty two down past one fourteen and then farther south route two way down into Waltham naughty, three northbound's inching along for the sake bridge up to Roosevelt circle the familiar backup from four ninety five. Patch river road route three north is locked up one twenty eight a pass concord road and more. Stop and go up after four ninety five now. Route one jammed up route sixteen a pass Lynn street. Just now getting word of a crash by route ninety nine ninety nine comes onto route one. Let's see things are downtown with Kristen Eck in the mall Frei insurance copter. Michael star was Storrow drive on the eastbound side is back to its tunnel issue to get on the Leverett up right now, the Leverett down ramp is slow. Lobos to the way down toward Storrow drive lower dock of ninety three is not bad. But the bridge southbound is slow getting into the end of the southbound O'Neill tunnel, not bad this afternoon at the center or the Ted Williams tunnel. Kristen academic Frei insurance copter. The mass pike westbound is stalled out Allston Brighton. Up towards the state police barracks. The expressway southbound crawling from the tunnel down past self base quantum street to the split and northbound you're in it from granite f- past neponsit circle. It is good up towards the tunnel. Next report four forty three with WBZ's traffic on.

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