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Other has his tetanus shot blood type his name branch of the service and serial number that's in my head yes of the blood type is I don't know it so I did what mine is type of thing you know the amazing thing about this is that it's better than three D. printing it really is and these will last a lot longer than well I'll be around the well every week I like to reach out and give a blogger spotlight this week I'm going to give a little love to the next Gen geological network which I've mentioned before great people on their website T. N. G. G. N. dot org slash blog there are now having members of next Gen do guest blogging so a friend of ours Devin no will leave who we know from Texas yes on there recently and I'm hoping to write a piece and hopefully you to fish I mean I think it's going to be a great way for people who don't have a blog to get out there and try one out maybe influence them to write their own nice idea well the only thing I have to mention now is if you're not in any age yes member remember you can use the code extreme and take him twenty dollars on American ancestors dot org pop all I have for this week heading off to New York for my next conference very shortly you're a busy man David thanks so much for your time I will talk to get next week all right and coming up next we're gonna talk to Christy filler up she's a researcher with legacy tree genealogist legacy tree dot com and at Christie's gonna start talking about a thing called the parish chest and this is how they kept track of the poor folk over in the U. K. back in the day and later in the show we'll talk about some American poor folk records as well with Jean bell Monty for many H. yes will pick it up in three.

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