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News radio. Carry news Radio times 7 25 Now on Colorado's Morning news, President Joe Biden is taking actions on the issues of energy and climate change. You see the order revoking the permit of the Keystone XL pipeline and moved to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and is expected stop oil and gas leases on federal lands. Moves are being met with support from climate activists, but concerned from the energy sector. Well, let's look at the issue now with Western Energy Alliance President Cathleen Scum on our live line. Good morning, Kathleen. Thanks for joining us. Good morning. Thanks for having me on. Well, you knew if once I got elected, this would probably happen. So maybe you've been preparing for it. But how did the moves made by President Biden Impact the oil and gas industry Bottom line. Well, he is promising to them leasing and drilling on federal lands. And since in the West pretty much anywhere, um oil and natural gas is developed. There are some federal lands world get lucky on the Colorados front range in that they're very few federal lands but areas on the West Slope. In Wyoming, New Mexico, It's almost impossible to develop any oil and natural gas in those areas without hitting some federal minerals underground or some surface. So it's just the nature of the ownership in the West. The lot is owned by the federal government. Kathleen. Why is that important for oil and gas industry to get those leases and work on federal lands? Well, I mean, that's just where the oil and natural gas is. And so if you take away that development, you take away $44 billion in economic activity across the West, and you killed 72,000 jobs on average a year by the end of Biden's first term in Colorado, the impact is about 3.3 million. Use me 3.3 billion in economic activity by the end of his term that just is wiped out. $550 million in state tax revenue. And that just means that that unfunded revenue that would have otherwise gone to education and roads and other government services. You'd have somebody, though, like Governor Pulis, saying renewable energy is the wave of the future. Why not start going down that road and put all your resource is there and maybe the jobs will start expanding to renewable energy instead of putting them into maybe what the governor would call old. Old sources of energy. Yeah, That's what we went through a cycle of this at the start of the Obama turn administration the same kind of thing. The reality is any realistic energy project projection out to the year. 2050 shows oil and natural gas will continue to supply about 70% or more of global energy needs. We still need to drive cars. We still make the heat our homes and renewables. Don't do all of that. They provide some power. They need to be backed up by natural guest nuclear coal, So we don't have an alternative that completely replaces everything that oil and natural gas does. Just wiping out production here in Colorado or in America on Lee means that we have to import that energy. From other areas of the country or from overseas, So it's just not realistic. That's not how we get our energy. Kathleen, is it affair? Stigma that you all in some perceive er called dirty energy. Is that fair? I mean, is what your organization what people who do in your realm. Just because it is fossil fuels doesn't mean necessarily that it's Negative for the environment there. Are there ways you do it to where you are very mindful of environment, it still can have at least some semblance of both the energy. We need the independence but also being respectful and mindful of my mother Earth. Well, you know, that's a good question. Obviously, energy produces impacts. Renewables require a lot of mining. We don't see those impact because the impact happened overseas for the most part, but they used Huge amount of minerals that are mind which can one could classify that is dirty. The bottom line is that there's environmental impact any energy source, and the key is to mitigate it and make sure it's a little It's possible and in the United States, and especially in Colorado, we develop under some of the most strict environmental control. And so if we kill energy development here in the United States, then we have to import that from overseas and Russia, Saudi Arabia. They are not producing oil and natural gas and as environmentally protected as a matter as we do here in the United States, you don't and don't forget natural gas is a clean burning fuel. It's the number one reason the United States has reduced more greenhouse gas emissions than any other country because when we replaced And electricity with natural gas here in the United Place. We actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions and so natural gas is reduced more greenhouse gas emissions than wind and solar combined, And that's because we're 24 7. We provide study energy and we do it cleanly. It's a great debate, Kathleen. Thanks.

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