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Wins flash briefing all the time this is daniel wins you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good afternoon seventy degrees at twelve forty on this friday june twenty second donavan and here's what's happening a migrant mother and son reunited after being separated at the border while president trump tweets about quote phony stories of sadness and grief a manhunt underway in brooklyn for the guy who pushed his way into an apartment and tried to rape a woman who managed to fight him off for protests in pittsburgh after the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by police during a traffic stop and an alleged phony landlord arrested on long island after renting out house that cops say he didn't actually own ten ten wins accuweather high seventy seven today lots of clouds look for some rain or drizzle at times tonight this is john minko the yankees turn against the raise the night in florida dodgers first city field in world cup soccer play brazil wins over costa rica to nil larry kofsky the stock market holding steady mostly higher on the session the dow is up one hundred sixty three the nasdaq down twelve wins news time twelve forty wine traffic and transit on the ones with greg rice old sort of the west side highway donna northbound west or north and i should say after the gw be you've got the right lane knocked out with a truck that is stuck there so they're gonna have all lanes temporarily shut the north and west side highway getting past the georgia's they figure out what to do with this truck and it's not like anything else is better to the outbound george all of your approach is already messes inbound lower level is fine despite construction the.

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