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The essentials from can extend seventy newsradio depend on us because we depend on you every pro on the job as a go to latter day exclusive twenty three foot gorilla multi position ladder combines all the letters you need in one it's also the first multi position ladder with the project top cap let you hang your tools right where you need them where you work and the only place you can go for this lad is the home depot the gorilla twenty three foot multi position ladder only at home depot dot com how do I get more done something nice and big money with the progress of home and auto bundle so I finally bought that new set of golf clubs watch out for your way here I come this is not a real testimonials sure customers can save big with progressive but your other expenses won't just disappear are those clubs going to help you when the hot water heater does also it sounds like your money is better spent on golf lessons sure the course record though but maybe time for a reality check progressive casualty insurance company affiliates there are everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases wash your hands avoid close contact with people who are sick avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth stay home when you are sick cover your cough or sneeze clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray for more information visit CDC dot gov slash covert nineteen this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and the station four things have gotten really weird yeah it almost seems like every day you don't know what to expect so we're going to try and get through it I'm Charles Feldman and I'm Mike Simpson and where the host of the new podcast coronavirus daily we bring in some of the topics were all around the world to ask the questions you have because we are all in this together and you know what we are all going to survive this together against rotavirus daily Honda radio dot com app and apple.

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