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Helen would go on to co found in organization called helen. Keller international who had the aim of working to combat the causes of blindness and she co founded this with george kessler. The renowned city planner. Mike what in one thousand nine hundred twenty. Helen would also create the amazingly incredible american civil liberties union. The aclu and that next year the american federation for the blind was founded as well. I just wanted to stop here in. Just say i don't know how i didn't know this high had no idea than helen. Keller was one of the individuals who helped to found the aclu. I mean that's such an incredible organization even today. Just really incredible stuff. The american federation for the blind was founded that next year. And mrs where. Helen would focus for support creating campaigns for awareness and to raise financial support for those living with blindness. It was during this time that helen's popularity began to weaken due to her associations with the less than popular socialism with this didn't stop her momentum entirely in nineteen forty six. Helen was named the counselor of international relations for the american foundation of overseas blind and traveled all over the world sharing her story a decade later. Helen would begin a groundbreaking trek across asia lecturing and educating on blindness. And how to better support special needs individuals in society. It should be noted that helena was seventy five one. She began her trip in nineteen sixty five. Helen would be appointed to the women's hall of fame along with several other distinguish awards including the presidential medal of freedom as well as the theodore. Roosevelt distinguished service medal after many years. Lecturing and traveling. Helen would settle down in her home in connecticut. After suffering health issues for a number of years. Helen keller passed away in her sleep on june. First nineteen sixty eight at the age of eighty seven now first of all. I had no idea that she passed away in sixty eight. That just doesn't seem as far off. In the past. As i thought it was when i think about helen. Keller but this story to me is one of the most incredible amazing stories. Because whenever i tell these stories usually individuals are dealing with societal or cultural obstacles which either delay or hinder them. But having to of your physical senses unusable in continuing on to live such an extraordinary life mean just writing books going to college like really being exemplary individual pursuing all of your interests all of your passions not even allowing your circumstances to dictate how you move forward. I mean i love. This story also loved it because it was a very real depiction of someone who's angry at life in the beginning of her life where she was throwing all these tantrums and she was always very angry and disrespectful to her family and her parents. I mean number one. She was a child who didn't even have the ability to absorb the education that she really needed at that point in her life. Because it just wasn't there and number two. She was blind and death. She couldn't communicate. She lived in a world she absolutely could not understand just as a child not even somebody who was blind and deaf to look at that and then look at how far she came from that point. I mean it's so impressive. It is so encouraging for me personally. It's just so inspiring that she didn't allow her rage to consume her. Because nobody would have blamed her for that but she didn't. She allowed it to fuel her and take her to heights. That people with all of their senses couldn't reach just pure determination and grit and on top of all of this. She also dedicated her life to fighting for those with special needs along with social activist causes. Like how does she even have the ban with like.

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