Why Prince William kept Covid diagnosis private


Royal family and your host in its sky be joined by the lovely. Abc news correspondent omid. Can you believe that our podcast last week. We were dressed up in halloween costumes. It feels like a lifetime ago. As i sit here in the country second nationwide lockdown it's a sobering reminder of exactly once lifted. We'll be back to it someday. Omid lee handy in the meantime you on the race. Yes right now. I'm in paris. We we A they say but this is. This is being fast. This is not your first. Stop actually being on quiet journey. Since the loss louis and we ask that we were in niece and then paris and then vienna and then back to paris you know unfortunately covering a lot of terror attacks recently and also new lockdowns across europe. So it has been quite a busy week on top of the us election. I have to say that What's been interesting about travelling around europe. This week is that everyone is is nervous and stressed about the next lockdown. With how you know are happening right now. All over the continent They're they're worried fearful of love Terror alert levels or getting risen across the continent as well and then on top of that. There's so much interest in the us. Election that I don't know about you. But i'm exhausted. It has been a long week at. Keep seeing jokes where it's like. Oh it's like tuesday's lasted for five days and that's how it feels right now. I know i feel like i have had my eyes glued to the same coverage since how many things ago was now absolutely gripping stuff but a time of huge anxiety for a nation that no doubt wants to see this come to a conclusion. Yeah i mean it's not just the nation. Either i think that's what's so impactful is the world is really watching. What's happening right now. Everyone wants to know what's going on. You know i couldn't believe it i am. I got my haircut in vienna. Fun fact it's one of the places that while they're in locked out let their hair salon stay open. So i took advantage of that i did. I got a nice trip before. I head back to the uk. Were locked on right. Now as you mentioned and i heard it will be next to me. She was speaking in german. So i didn't know what she was saying but she said the word florida they were talking about florida and the counts. That i just come in. And i mean it's shocking. It's unbelievable that Everywhere everywhere in the world is really watching wanting to see what happens. A lot of these in the weeds moments as well really aimed at things like electoral college votes in different states and the timing of different counties being reported i mean. I'm shocked that americans are talking about this little known young people in austria and people in paris. It's it's really incredible. It's a decision that will ultimately affect the entire world. I think often were leads. And the world sort of follows. We have you know if we look back. Even the first man on the moon. Or whatever was america's often i think for many countries what happens after a presidential election is just as concerning interesting to those outside of the. Us as it is in was being very interesting about this election. It was the first time. I can think that we've had a member of the british royal family in the votes. The duchess of sussex spokesman confirms sense voted in the election this year. It was one of the reasons that she told gloria steinem she'd actually returned to the us for now. Of course it's being very vocal about the importance of voting and being involved in the election and using your vote as your voice to be heard a very important time a critical moment in tyne for america. Now of course we know who she voted for. I would argue that probably being there along the way but it is a very interesting piece of news. I think to even hear of a member of the royal family voting in the us election. It's sort of funny when this was first announced in written about All of a sudden it struck me. What a big deal that really is. I i hadn't put together that meghan voting my mind. She owes the she's an american. Of course she's going to vote in the us election big whoop but then when you read the headline british royal voting in us. Election also really drove it. Home for me What an incredible marriage. This is an alliance. This could be the fact that you know you do have an american and a british man who are now married and can become citizens of each other countries and you know. Megan voted this year but they can actually vote each other's elections. I mean it is pretty incredible I think what's interesting about this as we see of course had making talking about being an active member of society and taking part in the democratic process. What was interesting because a spokesperson for meghan said to me and to others this week that megan's political activism white and off the us election and this is something that she's going to really continue to be involved in over the months and i'm sure years ahead now. What will be very interesting will be how that work changes depending on the outcome of the election. I would imagine there's a scenario which she would perhaps be more involved than another. But i think that it's very interesting. Obviously a lot of speculation about how megan voted and who she voted for. I heard from a source that she sent in about. Let's but no more details than that. And that makes sense. I would imagine it would be quite the spectacle if she showed although i would have seen that there was some long lines. I have admiration to the people of the us for sticking out in slow i think some people keep five of six hours in some states. Which is just incredible. It really is. Although i saw those lines it also made me question. Does it have to be that way. I mean i feel like. I hope that people see that as a country and think okay. We need to make Voting much more accessible and open. No we always talk about being this land of the free land of democracy and that should mean that people can cast a vote and you know waiting five deters a lot of good americans from casting vote and so i hope that seeing these in makes us think how we do it you know for midterms and also for the next presidential election. But you know when. I did have a question for you. Sorry

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