Case #68 JFK & Marilyn Monroe

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Inga. Benja are having a grand old time and the f. b. i. Soon gets word that inga may actually be a spy because of her close ties to hitler and they're all like yo like stop. Stop messing around with her. She's probably most likely like spy. Do which is crazy. Yeah you army. At the time. I was kind of big deal. I mean if i were jeff can't be like okay cutting ties. Guess it's time to back up. I mean i'd be listened to the fbi. I mean i would too aristocrats so that's true and because we're not aristocrats we do care however. Jfk did not. He gave zero cares whatsoever. Course he keeps dayton his little bingo. I love it. Okay i have a feeling this is not gonna end up. Well it's it never does really horse. So he's continuing with being beena. J. edgar hoover starts taping stations with jfk and inga and lo and behold our old j. edgar hoover. He hits the jackpot when he gets a three day sexcapades all recorded between jfk. And inga josh. Three days but i'm also like super creeped out of all people j. Edgar hoover is like recording personal conversations. I now i just imagined he's like in dark room somewhere like listening to all of this like with a cigar like who pictured the same exact thing which is hysterical. We're cool this is why we're friends anyways. So he's keeping all this stuff and we'll come back to that later. Okay so put it in the back pocket. Yeah put it. Just leave it right there. Okay got so jaeger. Hoover is in his. Like darko closet. Listening to the sexcapades will word gets back to. Jfk's papa bear and he's all sudden my beautiful son go so euro notes but listen this By in you gotta like country before putting know right exactly. I've got to cut ties. cut it. cut it off so. Jfk ended with his little. Ingo and i mean he's pretty sad. He goes back to washington. Dc and. he's just like really upset about it. He really loved her so now he's single. Now he's a single man. And i'm sure j edgar hoover's happy about this. I yeah i would. I would think so yeah so. Jfk he's back on the prowl and again j. Edgar hoover still has the intel though then. Jfk leaves the navy and at this time has like a few years later at this time. His dad starts pushing jfk to start shooting for the president's the okay. So he convinces him to run for congress and in one thousand nine hundred forty six. Jfk is in fact elected to congress and then in nineteen fifty two. He becomes a senator so he's like going through the ranks pretty fast at this point. He's like boom boom boom knocking them goals out. I love it. Yeah you know he's manifesting on another level too. Yeah he is. He wants to be getting he wants. He got it in front of him exactly. So in. Nineteen fifty three so this is a year after he becomes a senator. Jfk gets married to jacqueline bouvier. Who is also an american aristocrat. And we all have come to know her as jackie. O or jackie kennedy. I love it. Yeah glamorous beautiful lady just just lover. I had no idea her. Last name was bouvier. An okay we're gonna go off on it side talented again okay. I'm ready but jacqueline bouvier. Her cousin were the people that are featured in grey gardens. Yes little eighty yes. Yes oh my gosh. I love that. Yeah and she actually like. I don't remember when this was in like her reign as first lady but at some point when she was first lady. Big little eighty were about to get evicted from their house and jackie. O she like takes a month off in like gets their house up to code so they could still live there. What i had no idea. Yeah so she's just like a giving person love her so much she sounds so cool she does. I wish i could've met her. I know would have been the best all right back on track. Okay okay so at the time of their marriage. Jackie o was twenty four and she was actually a writer for the washington herald. Her follower was also a known womanizer. Similar to jfk's so you could kind of guess. That jfk sexual appetite was not really a new endeavor for her. She was being like that interesting. I also did not realize she was a writer. I also didn't know that. So learning all about her. Yeah i think she actually met. Jfk because she was shooting for one of the articles for the newspaper. Only but yeah really cool. She's a smarty party. Yeah throughout their entire marriage. Jfk would have other mistresses in. She knew pretty much about all of them. I don't know how she felt about it. I actually did see. Cnn has been doing a series on first lady's just did one on jacqueline bouvier day and i did see that. She started to get more uncomfortable with it. The more that their marriage was going on sharks that makes sense. Yeah

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