Infant Sleep With Dr. Harvey Karp

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Everyone. It's martin straight from san francisco today. I'm connected with dr hallway Holly why don't you introduce yourself to our listeners. Shirt thanks martin. so i'm a pediatrician. Practicing in los angeles at practice for many many years out here. And then i'm also an author. I've written a couple of weeks about babies and toddlers and guides to help parents. I'm very happy they've been translated now into about thirty languages. So it's it's helping parents all around the world and then most recently a few years ago created a new type of a baby bed. That's a responsive or robotic baby bed. That improves sleep. Keeps baby safer. Something called snoop awesome well before we dive into this new. And it's all about maybe you can explain what really build the foundation also for your book and what i really the core issues towards you know incense first couple of months. Yeah you bet. so as a pediatrician. I observed that parents were struggling. You know especially these days. Parents don't have a lot of outside help. They may not have extended family around and so crying and exhaustion. Were really weighing on them a lot. And in fact when you look at the numbers. I mean you think crying babies. You think well i mean. It's a nuisance. But i mean how bad is it really but crying. Babies and exhausted parents cost our economies billions of dollars in terms of marital distress postpartum depression. Anxiety car accidents obesity. 'cause you're overeating chris. You're tired and not exercising child abuse neglect the too many visits to the doctor and billions of dollars more in terms of employer cost because of poor productivity and poor retention. You have to recruit people higher errors and accidents and even higher healthcare costs. And so this has been a struggle that has increased over recent years as parents. Are you know have less and less experienced taking care of babies and our way from their extended family and so as a pediatrician. I started observing. That believes could become d-. I mean everybody's known. This that by rockingham attrition them and cuddling them. That's something that comes babies down but no one had figured out. Why or. how do you do that. Predictably so that even very fussy babies can become down and so what. I came to realize that babies are born with a reflects which is kind of an off switch for crying in an on which for sleep called a calming reflex and a babies. Have lots of reflexes are born with you. Know things like swallowing and sucking and blinking and crying. Even that is built into a baby so they have those abilities which are required of them to be able to survive right. a baby. Who didn't know had a swallow wouldn't be able to survive so these are survival skills that are kind of built in software into the computer but what wasn't realized that they have an off switch for crying and an on switch for sleep as well That's a reflex. So when i realized that it kind of opened up the idea about the fourth trimester i of course babies in utero of before. They're born there three three trimesters as the baby develops in. Then they're born but our babies kind of a weird way. They're not really ready to be. In the world they're mushy. They can't even smile yet. Based lift their heads. they're really fetuses. But we have to give birth to them because their heads are so gigged otherwise they wouldn't fit out right and so the job of a new parent is really to imitate the womb for the first four or five months of the baby's life.

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