Holistic Healing with Amy Szumstein


Nullis. Stay an welcome to live. Love engage. I am gloria grace rand and i am delighted to have guest with us on the podcast day and her name. Is amy schumer stein. And it's spelled with a z. Wanted to make sure. I've found out exactly how to pronounce it. Because that's what happens. Sometimes you know But first off welcome to live love engaging. Glad to have you here. Thank you and it is a mouthful and so i give grace that anyone who tries to pronounce it correctly while it's all and lay tell you a little bit about amy and we actually first off. We actually met through the women's prosperity network that we are both members of and When i heard what she did. I got really excited and i thought i think she'd be a good guess for the program so let me share with you. What she does A little bit about her. She brings an eclectic mix of skills life experiences and athleticism to all her endeavors. Special her business which is called holistic healing when aiming she is a former international martial artist and current second degree black belt as a championship winning ultimate frisbee player which is pretty cool and then and now she's also a coach and she Having nursing degree she spent twenty years as a critical care nurse at the university of pittsburgh medical center in trauma center or trauma hospital Until she realized how little we actually know about the effects of nutrition and mindset on human body. And that's definitely something that we're gonna talk about today because i think Both of those things are really vital to helping us to live fully and being able to engage authentically. And all we do she's also an author. She is a mom. I know she's got a daughter getting ready to go off to college right now. And a whole bunch of things that we're gonna we're gonna start chatting about so let's get started first with Nutrition what got you interested in that after being critical care nurse. Well it's funny. Because i realized that the patients were coming in a lot of the same patients with the same problem and so there has to be some underlying and it was. It was never obvious because the medications that we continue to give them could take care of the surface issues to get rid of it. We needed to do more. Digging and my own kids had your infections. They just pass back and forth. And i felt like i was at the doctor's every other month getting antibiotics. There had to be a better answer in solution and nutrition. Was that answer because with it your body can get to the root of the problem and really heal itself if you given the opportunity to with with good nutrition absolutely. Oh yeah. I can't even begin to count. How many your actions. I have as a child myself. So my sympathies. So what did you. When did you start. What did you find out. I would say maybe in specifically about like because nutrition is such a broad subject so what was specifically Maybe the key areas that you found that are really helpful for people will say this. It came in the form of a product. So i could mention the product or not. It doesn't matter but when the person came to me. I was like i got this nurse like you don't have to tell me about your little fruits and vegetables should truth lies. Lee get so little education in the medical field on nutrition. I had yet that there was so much power in fighter nutrients. You know when i talk about this with little kids. I was cut by either your fighters you things in your body. And in yeah. It was really all fighter nutrients in the raw food that was really benefited. What was healing. Everything i mean to this day my daughter now. It's been almost a little over ten years now. She hasn't had an antibiotic or sick visit. I know hasn't i. Didn't i didn't know what i did now. And thank goodness. I opened my mind to s awesome. Yeah while some one of the things you you mentioned a little bit there about so like raw foods and whole foods. So's that i've i've heard a lot about that that's Should be good for you because as opposed to like all the process stuff. That's out there nowadays lutely absolutely and it in the raw form is really when you're getting the best nutritional value once you start cooking at microwaving steaming you know roasting it. It may taste better. But you're losing some of the nutritional value and microwaving unfortunately is the worst because it takes out all zacks everything. It's good in it but yeah it's Getting in raw. It doesn't always taste as good for some people but you know eat appearance. Eat some broccoli. And it's you get used to it too. I think also in a variety you really want to eat the rainbow.

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