The Queen's Gambit (Netflix Mini-Series 2020)


Still in their top five I remember correctly. Is the queen's gambit. It was number one don't know where it is. Right now. I still think it's the number one show streaming right now on the streamer, but it is about the orphan who becomes A chess Phanom. And she learns chess from the maintenance man downstairs in the orphanage and her life. Just kind of goes from there, and I'm keeping it purposely broad, cause I so want you and I've been I've been guilty of Oversharing and I want to I want you guys to Kind of unfold the show for yourself because that's that's part of the magic of it, because it's so gosh darn good. We talked about it last week. Alexis is back and you watched it a cz. Well, I watched everything. Jeez, I could not stop watching it. And they binged it in four days. Completely just watched the whole thing. It's about what we did. Yeah, I'm with you. Oh, man. It is so good. Now I don't know much about chess. So I think that if you do love chess, you'll even get more in terms of the moves because they really had a really cool way of showing how they do it with the shadows of the ponds and the different You know pieces and then the boards. You know how they do the different moves. And what did the bishop do? And you know all of that, And there's all of these different ways to come at it. You know, different theories and thiss guy does it this way, and he always moves this first and so That was kind of lost on me. But it just It was such a great story and a great reminder that if you want to be the best at what you dio, it takes a lot of hard work a lot of dedication. And also trying around it. Right and remembering the people around. You mean I think about LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Serena Williams. Now, of course, this is in the sports world. Tom Brady, You know, like you are a goat. You really do need to work. You know, they're not out partying and having fun, And that's kind of the same case with the in the Queen's gambit, she Beth. She's just really focused on her goal of being the best chess player. I love that she didn't really focus on her gender, but the media did. And but it's still a hard world to be in when it's all it's all men like, generally older sixties in the fifties and sixties, So you know at the time it's during the Cold War. There's already tensions between the U. S and the Soviet Union already at that time, and then the best chess players come from the Soviet Union. So it was really reflective of the time to mean just in a chess game, So I really like that. I like the full circle aspect of the story toward the end. Again. I don't want to give too much away like you, said Jace. But itjust they answer a lot of questions that you may have as you're watching it and satisfying answers. I see what Yeah, yeah. Don. Where are you? I am just finished Episode four They're going to attack a lot into each episode, though. I mean, even by the end of the first one, you're like, Whoa. This is like a full movie. I just watched her. That's so true, Don. Yeah. In the anime pack a lot in. I mean so much. It's like the opposite of what they did with blind manner, not enough material that they snatched into. Ah, really long boring. Story That was way too many episodes. This is very efficient and I love the writing. You get to know her and what she's all about, Really? Not necessarily through the dialogue, but what they show you. Yes. Great writing, Thie. Other thing. It's the fashion one. Everything she wore. This will be nominated for costume design. Don't you think? Absolutely, without a doubt, the production design and the wardrobe. They're They're co stars. They're they're absolute co stars, and she carries it. She carries it so well, those clothes you know that old saying the the clothes don't wear you. You wear the clothes. She wears those clothes girl. I mean, she capital. W wears out, though, that wardrobe and Well, I just want to be her and Lex. I don't know if you felt this way, said this to dawn last week in the most complimentary way possible. I was sad. I was sad at the conclusion not because of the conclusion, but because I wanted more time with Beth, I interesting. I don't often have that reaction to characters. Um, you know, like Star Wars. I just, You know, I want to hang out with Ray and I want to know what's happening and all that stuff. But I really I'm sad that I'm not going to be invited in her world anymore. Well, that's what I was going to ask you because it does look like maybe a season two is in the works. Really? Yeah. There at least floating the idea around what it could be. Will they bring it back for a second season s wires asking that and It's not renewed. Of course, there's no news about that. But this next season would dive into her love life, her family history, that type of thing. I had the opposite reaction. I feel like this miniseries. It was perfect. In the way that they told it. I don't know if I need to know more. I love I love how it ended, and just That's great. Yeah, I'm not saying I want it because they'll mess it up, right? That's what I'm worried about. Yeah, I It's like big little lives. You know, the first was based on a book and that was near perfect. And then you went back, and you basically forced the author to create another story in a short amount of time. And you know, it wasn't a natural process. You gave the A writer. A hard deadline. I don't think you know. Not all. Not all creatives work well with that s O this. Yeah, but I was Muchas. I'm sad for that desire to him, Not with her. I would rather have that than an unsatisfying Sequel Hard to beat that this is Yeah, because this is just a compliment. I I miss her. I want to know what she's doing, but I'll rely on my imagination for that, and I'm fine. It's just It's just a huge compliment to the writer of the novel into the two the creatives behind this miniseries. They did such a good job that they made me want, Maura and that Whatmore could you ask for with a creative endeavor? You know Jerry Seinfeld, No one to get off the stage. They're off the stage and I miss her because she's so freaking cool. I want to have with her. I want her to be my friend. And then I want to steal all of her clothes. Be nude. That's not nice. Other things, didn't you guys? Yeah, No kidding. Just gorgeous. Benny Watts. The character who the guy who plays many Watts, Thomas Brody Stang stur. Yeah, He's that kid from love, Actually, Yeah. Grew up guys. He looks exactly the same thing just looks like someone pulled them from his head. Hold his legs and to stretch them a little bit. Was he also in finding Neverland with Johnny Depp? Yes, I think so. The writer of Peter Pan. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but it just looks like someone stretched him. You had put a mustache auto. And then the other kid is from Harry Potter. Yes, friend of her selling. Is Perry's cousin, His awful cousin that he lives with. Yeah, deadly Douglas. Yeah, and he's the other person and I just like I said this to dawn. I just like that the old you know, one of the themes that I realized after the fact is really about loneliness, you know, Beth the character and we're talking queen's gambit as we wrap it up here on Netflix. You know, it's a great lesson where sometimes you just see what's right in front of your face. And Beth did that. Beth was guilty of thinking that she was very alone. She was on ly kind of looking within just a few inches of her face. But if she just looked around She just looked a little bit to her left and right. She realized she really wasn't alone. And I think that's a good universal lesson for all of us that sometimes when we do feel very isolated and alone where we really are not, itjust takes Takes a moment to look around. And Beth really was Beth her whole life and, understandably, so she felt alone. But she really never wasn't. She always had people that was rooting for her, but she just never internally felt that way. Andi. I've found that fascinating to examine in that show. So the Queen's gambit everybody on Netflix If you haven't it, it's

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