Maggie Love, founder of SheFi discusses women in blockchain

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Just the fact of the matter. Is that the tech industry which has already male-dominated. It's something that became popular among certain kinds of communities online. Where may not have been welcome and you know something. Like two percent of crypto currency owners are women. So you're on the front lines. Now you've decided to take up this arm. And i love the name so perfect she fi to teach women about defy. So tell us about that product. How did it. How did it get started in the mission. Though how it got started is a sort of a funny story. I think that as were entering this new paradigm of not connecting with people as much I hope we find a way to model that in the virtual world because it actually It came from a few places. So i've been in the space. I've been watching it grow. I've always been attack and more male dominated industries and their the value is that everybody can participate in these economies. And you don't need a certain amount of wealth to you know either. Purchasing investable asset or get on boarded into a new economy. And so you know. I saw that and i believed it. And that's what i'm here for. I just think with the state of the technology in you know. It still needs to really grow that. Like until i saw defy even though there was a lot of really interesting other projects. That was a space that i was like. Yes this can finally fulfil that missed that of on boarding a lot of people Into these economies in a way that you know we all understand i just was really Finally excited that. I was watching this happen so i had been watching it grow over the past year and whatnot. Some new newer forms coming out. And i was actually talking to a friend corbin page. He's in the codify team at can sentences and he had mentioned that a group of people had gotten together for the nc double bracket. So if you don't have that works everyone pays. Let's say twenty dollars. I'm to a pool and then a bunch of basketball games are played. And you kind of on. Who's going to win the overall game and while this without pooled money while the games were ongoing so game one game two three whatever they had put that money in compound just to see what had happened and since they had all agreed like. This was a pool of money that they were giving away to a winner. Anyway it didn't matter what happened to it. And they were getting seven percent interest on the entire pool and i was like wow like i knew Women were involved and it's not because they weren't invited is just like basketball. Tends to be more male dominated a space so it was like. That's a cool idea. And the wheels in my head just started turning. And i was like what could i do to recreate that. Those similar sentiments like money together. That you're okay if something happens to because it's not your own ether that you're laying at the same time How do i get something for women to rally around. So i'm not a big. Tv watcher myself so the bachelor bachelorette all these of other game e. tv shows are a not global. I wanted to make sure it was a cause that was global and You know not. Everybody watches so loose. Wouldn't have as much engagement and I'm a big runner is just running law. And that's when. I do my best thinking and i was like. Oh my gosh. What if we pulled together for a charity and what if that Money them was put in different defy protocols that we all learn about together and then we can actually discuss what is happening to the money while it sitting in that project and whatnot and then you know on another heading she fine. I was like it's here. Have it so really it came. I think that's like there's so much serendipity and talking to people and meeting with people a we weren't even meeting to talk about the double bracket right. We're just friends and we are catching up. And so it's it's truly just like i'm a big believer. That inspiration can come from anywhere in any person in any thing so just like being on the lookout in the back of my head. I knew i wanted to do more with define myself. Personally i saw growing. I saw a lack of women on team's lack of women participating. And you know. It's not that i don't think it's something to necessarily be upset about. It's truly an opportunity to say this is all happening. Where at the beginning of these new economies. How can i get more mundane and then just that conversation really like it tends to me. It was like how can we get women to play with this money. Pooled together money that they're okay playing with s and then hopefully by you know doing it as a group together and then funds going to charity which everyone immediately was like. I can get on board with that. They can go home. And then you know potentially use their own funds. In a project they like or they. Can you know start telling other people. So that's how it came together.

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