California seeing biggest jump in virus cases in months


Virus cases since August in Los Angeles County continues to be the state's hottest Of Corona virus hot spots With more than 2200 new cases announced over the weekend L. A County health officials are recommending that people who travel quarantine for two weeks when they get back to the area in case they were exposed to the Corona virus. That's been the guidance for months. But it's KPCC is Jackie 48 reports. It's getting new attention as we head into the holidays, The Health Department's chief science officer, Dr Paul Simon, says more people are flouting restrictions and getting together with people outside of their household. I think there's a sort of a false sense of security. And given that many folks with infection maybe asymptomatic are at least initially, when they might be most infectious. I think these these gatherings can really predisposed to spread of the virus, Simon says. Plan on small celebrations this holiday season Ideally just with the people you live with For the California report. I'm Jackie 40. A support for the California report comes from

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