Dallas Cowboys QB Garrett Gilbert 'excited' about game against Pittsburgh Steelers


About about it, it, you you know, know, And And I I think think Cooper's Cooper's in in the the same same boat boat who's who's ever ever name name is is called called on on Sunday. Sunday. We're We're both both very very excited excited about about this this opportunity, opportunity, and and we're we're you you know, know, we're we're getting getting ready ready to to win win a a game. game. So So the the two two of of us us are are are preparing, you know the best we can together to get ready, Tio go win a football game. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Garrett Gilbert, who might be your starter and Sunday against the Steelers. Good morning for Meyer. W B AP Sports Desk Emcee Lam like he said. He's excited for this opportunity to possibly play at a T and T stadium in while he might Knight start you might in the plain, depending on the game goes Not only like I said played, but start after Andy Dalton went down on the reserve covert 19 list this week, leaving Dallas having look for another quarterback. No, Dak Prescott know Dalton not going with rookie bendy Nucci again. So it's either Gilbert or Cooper rush. They prepare for the single. So you know your help each other out and you know, it's your job. Q B Matterwhat. We're on the same team and they're just trying to, you know, get yourself ready for game helps. Everyone helps the whole team. Not sure it matters. Who the quarterback is against that Steelers defense. They come to town. Ah, perfect record, the only team in the NFL that's undefeated. College

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