Gunman Fires on Saudi Embassy in The Hague


In Jidda, Saudi Arabia, right yesterday. Marking 11 11 the end of World War one and the European allies gathered the embassy people gathered and Jidda, Saudi Arabia in western Saudi Arabia to commemorate the end of World War. One. Saudi Arabia was caught in the middle of World War one that Turks and all that Lawrence of Arabia. Maybe you've seen the movie and So the Arabs got cut. The Saudis did. That's really after in the aftermath of World War one when Saudi Arabia became the kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the House of Saud, But but never mind that right now they were gathering for commemoration of the end of World War one. And and somebody blew up a bomb and injured a bunch of people because you know also somebody attacked a bunch of people the French Embassy in Saudi Arabia recently and stabbed them because you know peace because that's the You know

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