The Cider-Sipping, Mitten-Wearing Guide To 2020 Holiday Movies


Guys it's my d-. I work with amy on the bobby bones show. I'm a head writer and producer over there and also have a podcast in my own called movie. Mike's movie podcast or all. I do is talk about movies. I explore movie topics. i do. Movie reviews and sometimes bring on actors and directors to talk about their movies. So what i wanted to bring to. This episode is my holiday watching movie guide so i have five different categories with five different movies. You can add to your watching playlists. I know it's only november. But i feel like we've pretty much gone straight into christmas holiday mode right now so these are some great movies to go ahead and put on your list in the first category. Let's go with the favorite old school classic. And i'm to have to give it to the original. Og christmas movie. A christmas story from nineteen eighty-three. It's a movie. Probably all grew up watching and at this point we can kind of just have it on in the background and it just gives us that christmas feeling. They're just so many classic moments in classic quotes from this. A christmas story also had the eighty nine percent rating on rotten tomatoes. It's not available to stream anywhere right now but if you want to rent it. It's on amazon for three ninety nine. And then if you have cable subscription service you can usually catch it on pbs or stream. It their on demand. And i feel like when it comes to having a classic. You can't go wrong with the christmas story. Only i didn't say fudge. I said the word the big one. The queen mother of dirty words dash dash dash next up. I had the category of the best modern classics. So i feel like this is a movie been around long enough but it's still relatively new and it's a movie now. That actually came out seventeen years ago. So i feel like it's so far stood the test of time and i don't really seeing any point to where this movie will not be a part of my christmas and if you haven't seen it at this point well i don't know what you're waiting for. I don't know where you've been in the movie. I'm talking about is l. It has eighty four percent rating on rotten tomatoes. It's currently not available to watch anywhere for free but you can read it on amazon for three ninety nine and if you happen to have a stars direct tv subscription you can watch it there. And the thing. I love about this movie that everybody i talked you kind of has their own favourite part of the movie. My favorite part is when buddy the elvis. I leaving to go find his dad and he's saying goodbye to everybody to hope you find your dad. Thanks in our wall. All right the next category is the unconventional christmas movie. I think every year people had a debate on what is an isn't a christmas movie. Several different movies kind of fit into this category. But one i feel that kinda gets left out in the discussion. Every year is harry potter. And the sorcerer's stone now all throughout the harry potter series. I feel like christmas is a pretty big part of it. And not only that. But i feel like christmas scenes. In harry potter are just some of the most magnificently done christmas. Any christmas movie. And i don't know why they get left out of that conversation. The bad thing about the harry potter movies is they are pretty much taken off of any kind of streaming service and you can really only rent them on amazon for three ninety nine but the first one does have eighty one percent rating on rotten tomatoes. If you haven't seen it yet. And i know overall christmas is pretty small. Part of the entire franchise. But harry potter at one point does get the visibility cloak as a christmas gift and therefore i'm dubbing get a christmas movie christmas happy christmas next category. I wanna do favorite rated r. movies. So this is christmas louise for adults so kids. If you're listening you can't watch these movies and parents. I feel like these were made for. Maybe some of us. Who don't necessarily enjoy christmas movies. And just want something to make you laugh. That just has a little bit of christmas in it. Because i know sometimes christmas movies get a little bit cheesy and my all time. Favorite rated r. christmas movie is bad. Santa it literally makes me laugh out loud. And i know it's incredibly rajini incredibly inappropriate. But i love billy bob thornton and even in the crudeness and the rudeness of this movie i do feel like it has a lot of heart and if he can get through the dirty jokes and the bad language you do find a pretty nice christmas story here and bad. Santa has a seventy eight percent rating on rotten tomatoes. And as of right now you would have to pay to ninety nine to streaming on amazon. But i know once it gets closer to christmas. It has popped up on netflix. Maybe check for it. There later was gonna make some sandwiches. I could make you one before you leave. Okay maybe some sandwiches harshest. You want the usual amount. Just whatever you think. Okay right in the last category. I want to get to is a favourite new christmas movie. And i'm gonna go with the holiday. Would you can watch now on net flicks and a little bit of a warning. It is kind of raunchy and crude. Just like the bad santa movie but if you're into movies like bridesmaids or the hangover i feel like it's kind of in that category so it's emma roberts and luke bracy who is australia and he's kind of like the kmart version of chris hemsworth and they come up with this plan to be each other's dates for only the holidays. So let's be only time they ever get together so it starts at christmas goes through all the holidays in the united states and then ends up back at christmas and if you guessed at home that they ended up developing feelings for each other throughout this plane to be each other's holiday. Will you guessed correctly but again. That doesn't spoil. The movie is basically in the trailer. And it's basically what every kind of cheesy romantic comedy. Christmas movie plot is about. But i think overall this movie just makes you kind of turn your brain off and enjoy a nice holiday movie. And isn't that what we all need right now. All right. that's your holiday movie guide if you enjoyed that segment and want to hear more about movies to check out my podcast movie. Mike's movie podcast. Just search movie mike. Wherever you're listening to this right now

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