Radio France Internationale publishes obituaries of people still alive

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Radio france international accidentally published the obituaries of bunch of famous. And still very much alive people including the queen of england. The radio station has since apologized for what it said was a technical problem that occurred when they were moving their website over to a new content management system the bbc notes that media outlets will often pre right the obituaries of high profile individuals in order to have them on hand to publish quickly in the wake of someone's passing at whatever that the broadcaster accidentally published a hundred draft stories quote. Not just to its own site but to partner sites including google and yahoo end quote is fairly mortifying almost literally i suppose i mean while it may be a common occurrence to pre right these obituaries. It certainly doesn't help. Our climate of misinformation and fake celebrity deaths trending on twitter every other day. Quoting the bbc. French businessman bernie tabby seventy seven. Who was on the list of people who had their death notice published by f. I has had his obituary published on at least two occasions by other news outlets and quotes other living humans whose obituaries were published today. By radio france international include president. Jimmy carter ayatollah committee and clint eastwood in mansfield joked on twitter quote. Lots of outraged people writing in demanding to know why they aren't important. Enough to have a pre written obituary ready and quotes and as somebody else pointed out on twitter. This is a bit reminiscent of the case of romanian man. Constantine rail you whose wife ordered a death certificate for him after he'd been gone in turkey for a decade seeking employment in losing touch with his family upon returning to romania and finding out what had happened he tried to get the death certificate overturned but the courts said he showed up too late to appeal and the death certificate for the dude standing there in their office asking about it would remain. Valid really was officially deceased for two years. During which time he was unable to find employment since all of his paperwork was invalid before the country finally overturned his death certificate in two thousand eighteen. Fortunately for those prematurely mourned by radio. France international today returning to the land of the legal living will not require jumping through quite as many hoops

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