Career Coaching for Women in STEM with Prasha Dutra



Press you again. I'm really excited to have you on I think a good place to get started just to maybe introduce yourself to the grab blogger podcast audience and job Start talking a little bit about your journey. Sure. So thanks. Thanks for something that up so well and you know also sort of seeing the parallels in the two shows and how we're serving the community in our own special way. So that's always exciting to you know, meet more people who are in the space because it's you know, still really Mitch and really exciting and growing fast. So that's exciting. But yeah, so my mom sort of starts in India, that's where I grew up and I moved to the us about eight years ago to pursue my Master's in mechanical engineering and the plan was I mean, I did a bachelor's in chemical engineering back home from University of Pune, which is like they call it Oxford of the East so it's really popular. That's where all the schools are and a lot of kids and a lot of you know, even manufacturing for for India is not in that area. And so that's where I went to the chemical engineering and the plan was to come to us and do aerospace engineering but soon realized that Arab. Ace is not very welcoming for students with bassist and you know, even Boeing and Lockheed and all these companies at least when I was applying were not spontaneous and so my one of my big goals was to get a job because you know, there was something very important to me. So I switched gears and moved to Mechanical still took all their space courses in got a mechanical degree and they'd get a job one year before graduation, which I think was so cool as a foreign student as an international student. It's usually very very hard to get jobs, especially with the sponsorship restrictions for Reeses. So I think that was really really cool. And actually now I gave a talk on that to a lot of people where it's just so great that if you use our resources, well you can do well and then just move six times and six years between between homes and states and I've lived all over in Northeast between wage Texas of lived in north Texas East Texas, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island where I'm based now, which is the tiniest state in us and its really really cool and off. So I moved here. It's a few years ago. I got married in 2017. That's when I started like contemplating everything in terms of what am I doing with my career? Where do I want to go? And even though it's doing really well in my nine-to-five job and knock on wood. I I still am I was more with saving for more and that's how her stem story came to be. I

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