Harry Maguire and Reece James sent off as England lose to Denmark at Wembley



Harry Maguire managers are get booked twice in the space of half an hour reese James Manages to get sent off after the final whistle and England lose at home to Denmark. Chose Maguire's having a rough time. Do you blame him or do you blame the managers who keep playing him? To start. Button, ready with United Against Peres I thought that was even worse with England on on Wednesday night I mean why is going on? There's a second yellow card he tackles with his left foot right-footed. Like maybe I don't know. But even just defy. Logic of anything and he's just I think he needs a break. I think you need to stop playing for a while. I think just needs to refocus reenergize just just having breakfast just stop do something. To do something bit, don't play with united at the weekend against to. Surly doppler with united. against. Chelsea and Aston, which are the next to. Premier League. I think it could get worse. Okay. But I agree with you on the wire but should we be called? I know we all love Gary Southgate because he's not very nice guy you don't like him. Till you're going to blame him as well for. What Clearly you can see that. Lacks confidence lacks form likes pretty much everything. Much much fitness sharpness everything what you play him was you pay me in the game night. This were already you were not good against bedroom, for example and not. Even McGuire and then you play in a game like this again I i. think you need a break I think everybody can see it and I just hope you get say for his own sake I will say this about southgate because we're seeing the same film that unwound with every single previous in England coach. Everybody jumped on the bandwagon. So great it's love show good whether at the time was competitor happened with hearts and Ericsson and then all of a sudden they turn on him and totally go the other way. Observe Gab look at the last four games, your food not run.

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