Yet you have you have to do that. Get over Steve Spain for Gabby Mercer. Um


At the health Department. That's what she's doing. Tell me I'm wrong about this. So don't tell me that I'm being a bit too Ah, hyperbolic. But when she is literally, you know, telling kids who've been waiting months to get back with their friends to place sports to get back to normal that at the last minute she throws in this this last second curveball, right? She throws it in there. And says, I don't think you should play. Despite the fact that the Christian schools or playing the private schools are playing schools up in Phoenix or playing schools in Texas and Oklahoma, they're playing all over the place. And Brown University comes out and says schools are not super spreaders of this. Despite all this You have Theresa Cullen, the Pema County health director out. They're just telling you. Nope. It's just not safe and we recommend against it. Again. The athletic directors can say. Got your letter. We'll take it under consideration, but we're going forward. We're going forward with this. And that that's it. You don't have just because she says it doesn't mean you have to do it. And then you wonder. Well, superintendents like the dopes at an fight. Todd Jaeger, The lady that runs Catalina Foothills schools. They're in there. They're inside. You have the you know, flowing wells, guy to us destroyer here. The rest of them. Are they going to sit back and say, Well, I don't know. I'm too scared to make a decision. I'm too scared to actually acknowledge the science. So I'm gonna Kau Tau and say with the health department doesn't recommend that I can't get behind because I get the kids health in there. Uh huh. How

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