Boston - 13 Massachusetts marijuana businesses participating in cannabis industry job fair in Cambridge


Say business is prospering and they need to hire more help. 13 marijuana dispensaries put out the welcome mat in the parking lot behind Revolutionary clinics. Retail store in Cambridge is central Square. They're still fledgling legal marijuana industry in Massachusetts is still building its workforce. Revolutionary clinics, Tom Schneider says. There are good jobs available there full time jobs with really, really good medical benefits, as well as vacation time. It's a full fledged, really job that you can depend on pays pretty darn good and we are always always looking looking for for good good people, people, so so we we have have to to pay pay well. well. Like Like all all businesses, businesses, the the cannabis cannabis industry industry has has had had to to deal deal with with the the Corona Corona virus virus pandemic, pandemic, but but so so far far the the marijuana marijuana retailers retailers say they're managing to cope. In Cambridge, Mike Macklin W B Z Boston's news radio turns out it was a cyber attack at Kingsborough

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