Comparing Trump and Biden's plans to end the COVID-19 pandemic


Biden ends up winning the presidential election, he'll have plenty of campaign promises to live up to that includes lofty goals. The former vice president has said he'd get started as soon as he's sworn in. If I'm your president on day one. We'll implement the national strategy I've been laying out since March would develop. And deploy rapid test with results available immediately. Five the honor of being president. I will end the Muslim ban on day one. I'd make the changes on the corporate taxes on day one day one I'm sending to the United States Congress, a immigration bill providing a pathway for 11 million undocumented, and I'm gonna make sure every dreamer is protected. I'm gonna have to wait and see whether a potential Joe Biden administration can actually hit the ground running on all of those policies for more. I'm joined by Jennifer Epstein Political reporter covering the Biden campaign for Bloomberg News, Jennifer Thanks for being with me. Thanks for having me. President Trump has downplayed the severity of the Corona virus, even after contracting it himself. But Joe Biden said he'd make some big changes if he became president. What would he do differently? It goes from from everything from encouraging mask wearing by leading by example on that, as he has during the campaign wearing a mask himself. All the time, except for when he's kind of out of microphone, socially distanced from anybody else on stage, launching a whole of federal government response to the pandemic that Would be aggressively different. I think than the trump planet he would not be fighting with from the scientists. He would be listening to them, he has said. Deploying the resources of the federal government. He plans to use the Defense Production act more aggressively than President Trump has to kind of get industry to do its part, whether it's with Peopie production. For vaccine production down the line. He has a plan for the distribution of the vaccine, even just it in defending the affordable care act. He says that that will make Vaccine distribution easier and free and also will protect people who end up having long term health. Issues because of their covert cases, long issues or or whatever else So it really is A is a pretty comprehensive approach. Um, that touches on a whole lot of different areas. I think you know it's the public health response and then obviously also an economic response. He says that he will Talked to governors and mayors. About mask wearing to try Tio encourage them, Tio put in their own mask mandates. Hey, can't you know really order a federal mandate kind of some of the stuff that the trump people have said. But he can certainly encouraged mask wearing as I said, before, it seems like he really just wants to bore down in every single area where that the government can help fight. This pandemic is kind of a piece of what he plans to do. Joe Biden would also inherit a Jennifer A. An economy right now that has been battered by the cove in 19 crisis We mentioned at the top of the show that AH eight million Americans have been pushed into poverty. People are scrambling to keep their homes to put food on the table to find work that may not return. Since this pandemic has taken hold of the country. Does Joe Biden have a plan for dealing with that economy should he inherited asked becoming president. Yeah, he does. He has this economic plan called Build back better, which is a couple trillion dollars of spending. Ah, that's meant to stimulate the economy. I think It will depend a little bit on the results of the election. Whether Democrats when the Senate if he wins the presidency, and whether there's any activity during the lame doc session of Congress on the House and Senate, Canon and the White House can agree. On stimulus. You know a couple of trillion dollars stimulus spending now through the end of the year, or if people are going to continue to kind of be in need and and the government not act in which case after Inauguration Day. Biden would move very quickly on Ah stimulus bill. I think that the size of it is still to be determined and how much of that Polls on some of the ideas that are in his gold back better plan, which are things like clean energy, spending, health and homemade at a nursing care and and things like that, which I think you know, a lot of people would say are badly needed during the pandemic, so will depend on sort of what happens. Before he were to become president. But there is definitely intention to either add to whatever has done during the lame duck session this year or to come through with it with a bigger plan than the couple trillion dollars that's being talked about. Or had been been negotiated a bit between Nancy Pelosi and the administration in the last couple of months. This

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