All eyes on Nevada: Election officials won't rush pivotal vote count in presidential race


Outstanding state is Nevada, where Biden has been leading. If Biden wins Nevada. He wins the election. NPR's Leila Fadel reports. Nevada State officials will resume ballot counting this morning. The secretary of state made the announcement after early votes, Election day vote and mail in ballots received by November, 2nd recounted. What's left account are the mail in ballots the state received on Election Day provisional ballots and mail in ballots that are still arriving in Nevada. Every eligible voter was mailed a ballot in the midst of this pandemic, and the state will accept ballots postmarked by Election Day until November, 10th. President prematurely declared victory in this tight national race, adding he'd go to the Supreme Court to stop ballot counting. It was an unprecedented move that many expected as he once again falsely called fraud. It raised the specter for ugly battles ahead in places like Nevada, where ballots are still being counted. Leila Fadel NPR NEWS Las Vegas

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