Concerns over food insecurity grow amid COVID-19 pandemic


Has created an economic disaster for millions of families, one that the nation's safety that hasn't been ableto handle. Millions of people have been thrown out of work with no new jobs to be had, and many of the measures designed to help them. Things like supplemental unemployment benefits and eviction moratoriums have run their course. They engaged in a lot of necessary coping strategies and trade off folks. They're making difficult trade off between painter of food and medical care, food and utilities. Food and transportation and helping Jessica Hager is director of health and Nutrition for Feeding America, a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks and the country's second biggest charity, she says Before the pandemic about 35 million Americans or 1/9 of the population lived in households that were food insecure without the resources to get adequate food. Since mid March. It's gotten much worse family's air having to decide whether to pay the rent or buy food. Food banks are crowded. We have projected right now that there'll be 54 Million people are one in six could be sued and secured this beer in 2020. We've also projected that food and security Rachel increase in every single county in the United States in 2020, so this could be a 21 and three adults and one and two Children could experience it in Korea this time again due to that. Economic impact that has been in effect around the pandemic. No individuals whose job individuals relying on their savings to make their way through experts in hunger, No, that family's suffering from food insecurity have a variety of goto strategies to try to stretch scarce food dollars. Hagar says. 55% of food insecure families have used at least three of the strategies are things such as receiving help from friends? Purchasing an expensive unhealthy food, which we, of course know in the long term has an impact on health, telling their personal property where, if possible, which isn't for all, of course, but growing food in their own garden. Anticipate. Families have continue to engage and they trade off in coping strategies while also trying to manage the difficult circumstances of managing the disease and being out of social distance increased normally have even in normal times. Many families go in and out of hunger, depending on economic circumstances. But today a lot of people are gig workers or freelancers whose income is far from consistent. What is certainly common or not unusual for there to be seasonal food insecurity or one coming in and out of the security and that against you Point gig economy. It could be our essential workers who are farmers, and much of their income is based on seasonal rotation of crops. We also know of course, that folks began as they're making tree off. Sometimes their assets are coming in, and they're able to live off those for quite some time. But a situation may come or a health crisis cooker that's unexpected in that put someone in a food insecure state, though it does change depending on a variety of circumstances, and also note that we have a lot of built in inequalities within our structures institution in this country. And so though helpful, maybe doing Well and being able to make ends meet for many years. There may be the circumstances that change the last idiotic cetera. That family made their individual, maybe food insecure for a period of time until they're able to re secure that financial foundation for their life Being food, insecure, even for just a little while, is a major risk factor for poor health. A recent study in the sage journals shows that independent of all other factors, food insecurity, Khun drastically increase the chances of an early death. We found that the drift of the people in America who are secure Eventually have a high chance of dying from any cause of that heart disease. And that is a striking finding good extended dance of death for insecure people After 10 Years of increases, 50%. That's Dr John Dee, scooped on Donny, professor of Public Health at New Mexico State University co author of the study, not a sophisticated multiple models. Adjusting for different types of actors. And yet no matter how much you account for just being food, insecure from a few years after a long duration, profound impact on someone's help. On the train, the heart, the liver, the kidney, and so any cause of death is more prominent in for insecure people essentially being food, insecure challenges your body medical autism, and then you're depending on your supply in the body, putting supplies. And those declining over time and eventually the challenger system so heavily but a liver stops function and people underground Club Gen. Donny says the increase in heart disease death as a result of food insecurity is especially striking 75% greater over 10 years than in people who are not food in secure. The reasons are fairly clear. Cheaper foods are generally less heart healthy. And there are few things more chronically stressful than not knowing where your next meal is coming from when an individual is going through this difficult and very stressful, my nontoxic, stressful experience that if they're making a stray off, perhaps again purchasing, inexpensive and healthy food That can lead to perhaps previously controlled diet related diseases becoming uncontrolled, uncontrolled diseases. Such a society that can lead to complications like kidney disease, identities and nerve damage. Often food insecurity and poor health combined to create a vicious cycle with no way out. If someone enters a cycle of food, insecure or their household is experiencing an unexpected and extensive medical crisis are often forced to engage in the financial coping strategies. And it includes the consumption of cheaper foods often that are hiring calories. But Lauren nutritional value and the reliance on the left healthy food can lead to poor nutrition and chronic diet, really, and diseases. Ensuring these diseases can worsen existing disabilities or other illnesses and results in an inability to work and bring in that previously the cheese income. What's more, the

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