Ocean Spray gifts truck to TikTok star whose post went viral


I think everybody has fallen in love with him. The man who went viral on for skateboarding to wheat would Mac song dreams will bring it up a bottle of ocean spray cranberry juice Just, receive a huge huge gift from the ocean spray brand a brand new bright red truck Nathan Daca is his name. He debuted his new wheels on instagram and tick tock earlier this week on the side of the truck. It says, dear, Nathan Good Vibes only love ocean spray and the bed of the truck with filled with cases. Awesome off. Men I go full over reached over my blood because I always have my car grabbed my juice would me to cough up the highway size I? Just. Less, than ten minutes time you get to work so I'm like, all right let's go. Nuts. So it's such a cute video and his original video which was posted on Tiktok back on September twenty fifth. Has Racked up twenty, six, hundred, million views four, hundred to kind of. Video you need in today's world. It's just a happy and fun. Yeah really does

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