Amazon launches its first Amazon Air regional hub in Europe


Scaling up its air operations in Europe. They're going to launch a regional air hub in life sect in Germany, where they will have a 20,000 square meter regional cargo hubs. Philip wrote the story for Bloomberg News. He says. Amazon is beginning with two leased Boeing 7 37 freighters you the plane's emblazoned with Amazon on their side flying across Europe justice within them across the U. S. Where Amazon already has a major air operation in the U. S. They have a feud about 70 aircraft that includes 767, which are quite about it plain as well as 77, which on everybody plans that they can use between smaller tub move also gives Amazon more flexible delivery options would help them. Mr Reliant on other service providers like FedEx and UPS and other Ed cargo suppliers, Amazon has been expanding its aviation logistics unit taking advantage of a depressed market for aircraft from the Bloomberg

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