Illinois reports more than 13,000 new cases and 126 new deaths statewide

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Live from npr news. I'm jack speer. With corona virus cases surging across the west new data released from the federal government shows just. How many hospitals in the country say they are facing critical staffing shortages. Npr selena simmons duffin reports nearly one in five hospitals in the us currently has a staffing issue states in the mid west and southwest are being hit hardest. North dakota has the highest percentage of hospitals reporting shortages. Texas has the highest number of hospitals when there aren't enough staff to treat the surge of patients. The concern is that you could get to the point where you have to start rationing care and then more people could die early on in the pandemic medical staff could volunteer to help in hot spots like new york city. But that's not really possible. Now with so many hospitals facing shortages and cases surging all over the country selena simmons duffin npr news eleanor. Like many other states seeing a big surge in coronavirus cases more than thirteen thousand new cases reported there with one hundred and twenty six deaths making it the third day in a row deaths their past the one hundred mark on governor. Jay pritzker reminding people his they've been state today. The numbers do not reflect what tomorrow's numbers might look like. You have to look at what the trajectory is. How fast it is that. They're likely to fill up. How fast they're coming into the emergency room and ending up in the bed. Laurie now is more than six hundred. Thirty four thousand coronavirus cases more than eleven thousand kobe. Nineteen deaths in the state. The death toll from covid nineteen pandemic has now reached more than two hundred and fifty thousand georgia's certified president elect. Joe biden has one that state's electoral votes but as a meal moffitt of member station w. a. b. e. in atlanta reports top georgia republicans are calling for changes to the state's election. Laws in one of the narrowest races in the country president elect joe biden topped president. Donald trump by about twelve thousand six hundred votes of the record. One point three million votes cast by mail and the state two thirds of them went to biden. Georgia's republican governor. Brian kemp echoed. President trump and casting doubt on the state's signature match program used to verify the identity of absentee voters voters casting their ballots. In person must show a photo. Id and we should consider applying that same standard to mail in ballots. Georgia's republican secretary of state also called for reform despite repeated assurances that he's seen no evidence of widespread fraud for npr news. I'm a meal moffitt in atlanta michigan state. Legislators met at the white house today with president trump as the president appears to be making an extraordinary effort aimed at overturning. Joe biden's overwhelming win. There were after the meeting. Officials said they have not been yet made aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election by one michigan by an insurmountable one hundred fifty four thousand votes on wall street today. The dow closed lower down two hundred nineteen points. You're listening to. Npr president trump's state department and foreign policy advisors to the incoming baiju administration are both expressing concerns about recent arrests of human rights advocates in egypt. Computers michele keleman reports. The arrest came after. The activists met with european diplomats. The egyptian institute for personal rights as seen three of its members arrested this week charged with spreading false information and undermining public security. European diplomats had met with them earlier this month. The state department is expressing quote deep concern about the arrests biden's foreign policy adviser. Tony blinken says he shares that sentiment in a tweet. He writes quote. Meeting with foreign. Diplomats is not a crime nor is peacefully advocating for human rights. President trump wants called egypt's leader his favourite dictator egypt remains a major recipient of us aid michelle kellerman npr news washington asia pacific summit leaders set aside their differences today issuing their first joint communique in three years among other things a group calling for free and predictable trade to help a global economy leaders of the twenty one nation apec groups as been substantially weakened by the coronavirus pandemic the group whose members include president trump and chinese leader xi jinping also about not to resort to protectionist policies notwithstanding the ongoing us trying to trade battle apec countries fell to reach agreement in two thousand eighteen in part due to discord between the us and china crude oil futures prices ended the week on an up note oil closing up forty three cents a barrel and the session at forty two seventeen barrel in new york. I'm jack speer npr news.

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