Guatemala condemns fire at Congress; 12 injured in protests


On. We go now to the Central American state of Guatemala, where the Congress building was set on fire on Saturday by protesters. They've taken to the streets over a controversial budget bill, which is even divided the President Alejandro here, McKay and his vice president Guillermo Castillo. Journalist Sandra Cuff was there in Guatemala City when the fire broke out. On Saturday There was a mass demonstration in Guatemala City. There were also mass protests in cities and towns all around the country. So the main protest in Guatemala City was in the Central plaza, which is right in front of the palace and the cathedral. But there was a separate university student movement led March that was headed towards the plaza, and they stopped for a while outside Congress. And held a protest there. And so the main target of the protest was the Congress, which passed really controversial budget bill this week. And so over the course of the student demonstration outside of Congress. A handful of people climbed out onto the building and kicked in the windows and set a fire. So hundreds of people actually did come down from the plaza. Everyone was cheering the fire. It wasn't just a matter of This was something that only a few individuals supported. However, the majority of people stayed in the plaza on many of them are, of course not in agreement. It's property destruction. Shortly after riot police alarm arrived. They use a lot of tear gas crowds were scattered around the center. They also tear gassed the protesters in the plaza who had their ongoing protest without any vandalism. There were more than 40 people arrested. There were several people injured, including Journalists. And so yeah, that's what happened yesterday.

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