Politician, Eva Pern


If, it was born Maria Eva Duarte in nineteen nineteen in Los Toldo's Argentina. If his mother and father were never married in fact, Avis father was married to someone else and had a whole other family eva's mother was his mistress. Still if it was the youngest of their four children to to the `illegitimate' status of the relationship, the family was very poor when evo was six, her father died leaving the family in an even more precarious position. To make ends meet if his mother took in boarders and worked odd jobs when EVA was fifteen, she traveled to Buenos Irs to pursue an acting career. She found success doing radio shows including one in which she portrayed famous women throughout history like Elizabeth I and Catherine. The Great, a sort of dramatized encyclopedia Manica if you will. When it was in her mid twenty s she met a rising star in the Argentinian government colonel Juan Perron. The two were married nineteen forty-five later, that same year, a military coup of rival army navy officials ousted from office. Determined, to return to power one, entered the presidential race with Eva by his side. Her humble beginnings resonated with the poor and working class people of Argentina. The response was overwhelming. The adoration around Abe propelled want to victory and he took office in June of Nineteen, forty six. While Eva held no official title beyond first lady she quickly began amassing political power having built. So much of the campaign around her connection with the poorest citizens of Argentina, she became the defacto secretary of Labor, as well as the unofficial secretary of health. In these unofficial positions if a secured wage increases for unions, she created the Eva Peron Foundation which established hospitals, schools, elder care facilities, and orphanages all around the country A. To progress the rights of women in Argentina, she was influential in the passage of the women's suffrage legislation in nineteen, forty seven and the subsequent creation of the parents to feminist party in nineteen, forty nine. As her popularity grew to saint like fervor. There were calls for her to run as the vice president alongside her husband in nineteen fifty one. But want an eva ended up not going forward with that plan due to opposition from the Army Davis, growing health concerns in nineteen, fifty, two eva passed away from cervical cancer. She was just thirty three years old. Despite her untimely passing Abbas influence reverberated throughout. Argentina. Devoted followers tried to have her canonized but political opponents were set on removing all symbols of parochialism in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, five, one Perron was overthrown and exiled from Argentina. Shortly thereafter, if was embalmed body was stolen. Even. In death, her presence was seen as a threat to her political opponents balanced political power if his remains were eventually returned to Quan Perron who was exiled in Madrid when one passed away nineteen, seventy, four, his third wife Isabel Perron in an attempt to curry favor with the Argentinian working class returned Eva's remains Argentina. They were interred in the presidential. Palace crept. Just two years later, a new government that was hostile to peronism had the bodies removed. In life and in death, Eva was a galvanizing political figure. Her story is memorialized in the award winning musical and later film adaptation of e TAP.

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