Hurting Mayfield, Browns score late, outduel Bengals 37-34


Pick and Joe Borough. You know what the rookie for the Bangles has been marvelous this year. Burrow with a long count stops the right foot. He Higgins goes in motion. That's actually Giovanni Bernard got her own throws for Bernard catching touchdown. Bangles a gutsy call, and the Bangles capitalized as they throw it on fourth and inches, and Burrow throws a touchdown pass to Giovanni Bernard Dan Horde. Dave Lapham, Cincinnati's ESPN 15 30 in the Bengals radio network. So 30 for 31, Cincinnati now This is a Cincinnati team, but his known fourth quarter leads this year, but when they've led after three quarters, they've been outscored in the fourth quarter 39 to 12 coming into this game, and this game featured five combined, go ahead touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. Most in the fourth quarter in NFL history in the last one belong to Baker Mayfield, and here we go there, second down and 10 of the 24 yard line out. They come shotgun. Karim Hunt in the backfield to receivers

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