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Right in front of the entrance to the Boston Public Library. So if you're an early voter, one of the places you can put your ballot is right here. Put it in the top. Close the thing. You're good to go well. Early Sunday morning and by early Sunday morning. I mean 4 a.m. Sunday morning. That ballot box caught on fire from the inside. It's a metal box, but it was burning on the inside. And what happened, Wass. Somebody walked up to that box and apparently allegedly drop something that was already on fire into the ballot box. Thereby damaging several of the ballots beyond recognition and damaging a whole bunch of other ones that apparently could be salvaged. But the long and short of it is, this person apparently tried to burn the contents of the ballot box. The story has Brad you'll pardon the pun like wildfire. Why? Because is the Boston Globe. A headline on this story, says Boston ballot box set on fire officials say in quote Disgrace to democracy and quote. So this comes from a couple of places. But Galvin apparently contacted the U. S attorney Andrew Wellings office welling then put out two pictures. I don't know how somebody would do this and not think that this would be caught on camera right in front of the BPL, but it was caught on camera. And so they got two semi grainy stills of the person once from behind you can see in his left hand, something that's burning. And the other is a profile pic of the guy that gives you a sort of sense of what he might look like and then in the column. Galvin and Marty Walsh are both quoted. Although It's unclear who used that exact line, but here's from the globe in a joint statement. Mayor Marty Walsh and Secretary of State Bill Galvin called the fire nine days before Election Day quote, a disgraced democracy, a disrespect to the voters fulfilling their civic duty and a crime.

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