Full Auto Friday - Round 27

Cleared Hot


On it dot com forward slash pot. That's it. let's dig into the episode smoke. North one of the smoke danger close now has another format. Rapid-fire cuny do my best to limit myself to five minutes per answer otherwise i'll ramble like some of that question. One is a four part question. I do not know. If i'm gonna answer all four but it comes from alexander number one do seal mustang junior officers. Oh one e o two e so. I'm going to interrupt here already. I retired as an oath three. Which is lieutenant the means prior enlisted service so do oh juanito to still get hazed like junior officers with no prior enlisted experience. No they do not. There is no well you go back to the bottom of the rink ladder. But there is no hazing. That's going to occur most people. If you're going to become a mustang you're gonna hit it probably about the eight ten twelve year mark if you're going to have somebody as you or remediate you for your behaviour. Positive or negative is likely happened at that point in your career already. So no there's not gonna be any hazing question number two and it says more serious question. I am stuck in a vexing conundrum. tell me more. My fiance's father is a practicing family physician but he is also easily. In the category of risk cove population. My fiance is correctly very nervous and upset that he continues to see patients. Despite the great physical danger to himself my fiance is seeking assistance. In taking we're talking her father out of practicing medicine. I'm requesting your thoughts not even advice unless you have some on how to support my fiance's desire to protect and keep her father safe while explaining that. Her father is exactly the kind of person that the country is relying on during the pandemic to me. This is somewhat akin to how my parents must have felt when i joined the marines and deployed now that the roles are somewhat reversed. This has caught me off guard. I served as a marine officer in an infantry company forward observer tackle air controller during the g watt global war on terror and. I'm proud of the work. I did but never really thought about how concerned my family was about me or what. I must have put them through for context. I feel like this. Pandemic is the time for healthcare workers to shine just like every combat arms servicemen throughout the global. One terror was. they're calling. i love and respect my future. Father in law. I see the same determination in his eyes to treat his patients as i did to fight overseas and i respect the hell out of him for still seeing patients every day while at his age and with his health risks

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