'White Sox bring back Tony LaRussa' with Ryan Theriot - Episode 034 - burst 2


You know so. I don't see now if you could get chris carpenter to manage to coach and that'd be a great get car has some really interesting traits. We saw what he did on the field. You know i'm saying. Saudi did eleven in the world series. Great career prior to that but just a leader in every sense of the word players gravitated toward him when he spoke people listening. You know he's kinda got that commanding personality. You mentioned the game changing and get a little bit younger and and a little bit more. Flashy you know it. It's tony gonna have the ability to change. You know if you bring in. Chris rock and they're going to have the ability to change. Because it's not what it was five ten fifteen twenty years ago you know as far as the players expressing themselves differently and and the unwritten rules are starting erase as we've all seen so i think there's gonna be some give and take on both sides. Motorist this marriage to work. But i do think it's environmental higher anytime you can bring on and tony larussa. I think i think he gotta do. Y'all honestly i'm still just before and a few interviews talking about this. He's the greatest baseball mind. I've ever been around and i mentioned some pretty good ones and it's taking nothing away from the guys. I played for because they're all phenomenal managers but he just was excellent in a lot a lot of areas. That's really interesting.

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