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Us out what did we talk about today. Well the friday packet or sorry. The friday comrade was a stocky and soviet stout log. Addition addiction brought to you bay generic morshed. Well you get to listen in real time as i learn about a plane crash happened yesterday near where i live that i even very embarrassing man. We go over all kinds of stuff more about the possible place for poor people to live on the south side oeser jackson low-income taus. Low income housing tax credits. Now get a better explanation of water rates from jennifer debris than you may have gotten from us last time. Can't imagine why. I'm somehow figured out how to improve upon our work. Mind-blowing let's see here. How else did we hit man. We got budget man. Yeah there's a good line item. You're a photocopier fan stick the fuck around echo nico what else we did budget amendments we talk about. Jails doodoo belongs. Who don't don't sound like a who don't don't go back on jenner and a back forty. Yeah let's go over there. Do something we talk about. City lobbyists greg warrington and amy. Ramallah's that run. But do people talk about those What else talk about the export water rates. He said that yep and We run poor parenting pretty hard. Yeah we played. Some of our klay played a couple and we respect the time that she's putting in bud questions of her logic go and also is restaurant impossible in town. The answer may surprise. You still don't know what that is. But i guess i had to do and some guy yells. People says whatever we need to bring up a coffee shop. That's going in across from senior or that'll gas station was a real hot button. Issue to it is because we need more stimulants on that street on granting only thirteen coffee shops i think there might be outpacing casinos on grant be. I mean you have to go like Nearly two blocks further for coffee shop right there but that one had to go one across the street to go four blocks down to the other starbucks. I mean it's grocers. Biscuit coffee roasters which is the best show. Sure is nineteenth and grand roughly go. They're nice place. I think still stuff. Oh i've read back breakfast flakes too. Oh boy they might have had some milk to their feelings due to say something. Nice about those assholes but that's okay. We tried ask guys that are just asking. What do i know. not just a cop. I've been in their studio for events. Ooh talking about events with them and it's just mean they got a brand that got to keep up. Yup breakfast it is september thirteenth. Never forget two thousand twenty here in dumped 2.0. United we stand united. We stand dumped two point. Oh in the basement of said building somewhere in the city of huntley this is the friday bag was talking. Stout podcast mostly about local billings politics but not always once. It wasn't about blink city council stuff in as always fall your questions comments concerned observations queries depositions white papers. I dunno i figured out. Long form original long form british friday packet at gpo dot com and drop those off in the electronics fear. And we'll we'll read them that the east fear. Yeah cool might be the sphere. The michael crichton the sphere at the bottom of the ocean there. That's what's that one. no. I have no. It's bring great. It's it read this. Sphere jared sphere. I don't remember a damn thing about it. I remember having in front of my face and ingesting the words but must have really made it big. I think all books like that sort of happened with me. I reading retention is pittsburgh horrible. Mines abysmal. this have we tried to rework. Rent that one the other night and it's like impossible to find really restraining. I think it's on. Hbo or something she had the. That'd be more readily available. But it's not just go with alive then instead we go we went. I think the stranger things are it again. Oh good yeah evidence for the people. Yeah the soccer team. That's on the top of the mountain. Yeah i read that book in like eighth grade freshman year really enjoyed it. it was Really something forty. People crashed in sixteen lived in the andes mountain. Yeah so if you wanna watch yourself some light. Cannibalism look it up watching very light forty pretty hardcore hardcore cannibalism. You could also become a supporter of the show. He can go to patriots. Dot com forward slash. The packet at you never know there might be some perks. It'll show up eventually. Is this loud enough. Belinda think it is obscene peaks and valleys on the thing now. Pnv we're we're both on the mike you know we're usually something like this. Yeah so as we go to dot com slash c. friday packet for a couple of member. We might start coming out. Let's stickers more honestly ironic. T shirts people could wear. It could be happening here be great. We've almost broken. Even they showed the picture of the t shirt that said Shania twain sees. Wow picture schneider doing on man. I feel like a pepsi book and great. Dj like it man today on the show. I've got a whole bunch of clips is going to be a clip heavy show. I think Today we're sponsored by stout has brought in for. I don't know whatever reason. Eleven ounces of five percent alcohol per volume hard coffee from the blue ribbon. Pabst i'll give it a. Yeah you're at smells like cocoa puffs that have been sitting out too long on you know exactly. The milk is said. Okay you know it was about two hours ago. That's still finish. That do just take home. Their glavas cereal throat. Keeping smells like it's good.

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