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Frank's got some questions. If you're frank's got some questions. Frank will more to constituent earn a constituent. I guess he's a constituent and representative. He'll the same time some questions. That is folding picture. Box citing does. It's nine forty five on july twenty seventh twenty twenty. I have nine forty mile since last confession. Forgive me father for i have sinned. Been busy busy now. This is the bag of their mind. It's the friday packet with stocking and try to clever there but wasn't gonna work wasn't gonna work at all. It's a sunday morning. It's a sunday morning. It's easy short supply right now. Sure is but. I put up the custom shades in the dump. They look great man. Get those from that dude named the blind guy. No no no no that that came from schlueter. That's some talbak board real nice insulating properties. It's orange a leftover us. A nice glow does give a nice coil piece of plywood and the other one spared no expense here at the dump. That's that's what we do the best for our listeners. If you would like to support more schlueter board for window treatments to dot com slash friday back and donate a dollar and we can just up the production value this podcast by at least fifty percent. I'm saying maybe sometime. We can afford a role of aluminum foil and put it up on all the windows like the saran wrap and mash that on there and that somehow solve some problem got to got to do it. Imagine hoping it really give the right atmosphere in here for in a darkened room with aluminum foil on the windows. I think sounds about right. If you've got a question comment concern you can go to the baggage. Email dot com. Send those questions comments. I haven't checked. The i have checked her ex partake communications. Have we ever received anything before. Airtime i guess you could say go record episode Let me check our email at the friday package. Email dot com please. Do we have a an indication that well from the patriots team. Nice little date from those folks or they get whether you love. Rpg's are dnd prefer. Ira or you are l. worship pc or ps four. It's gametime so thank you. The patriots team will had to say about any s. Maybe sixty four much genesis. No god wanted to say if you wanted to email the council. I bet everybody out there does your constituents ward one through five we can name them off you want but why i think If you wanna email the council you can go to council at ci dot billings dot mt dot. Us at works. Except i thought they changed it. Yes but i'm on. I'm on the actual website for city council. So council billings of was too but if you go to email council members on the on the city's website it'll send into a form that says council at ti study empty. Yes and if you don't wanna do that. I'm sure it can just go on facebook grinder tender tight end roy niece and you're gonna find them right away easy enough absolutely okay. Cupid okay up. Match dot com pony match dot com j. date j. date parma. Only yep you're gonna find him why people meet sounds. Good chickens are still laying eggs after started at six. I've got no hoppers in my act. Which is nice. Oh man. I bet they love eating offers the in. It's fun to watch them chase them. Yeah oh yeah. Run all over little lost feathered velociraptor to run all over the place in grasshopper. Something hoppers and turn into delicious. Chicken meat and eggs eggs extra goes. I cannot think about eggs when i cook him after. Listen to the radio and think about other stuff. And i go can eat eggs all the time but if i think about it too much can do it. Yeah they like each other's eggs to sometimes like on egg. Yeah it's dangerous. Dangerous dangerous proper gut florida's all right starting back. I think we got through all the niceties. Maybe that was nice. G mail your patriots robocop member buck by more short or window. Window treatments are plywood. Got enough plywood. I guess i could just bored this whole thing. Kids with a kind of suspicious though up there. Jan that sanyu probably fits pretty perfect absolutely right and we're not talking about our our listener sanyo. Pd there's a tv in here. Name sanyo surprise or senior one of the two zero man. We're all the way back to july six. We've been busy. What are you what you've been doing watering plants. Yeah lots of that pressure. Washing sidewalks pressure washing the hell out of sidewalks. Doing some allie stuff. Doing a little bit of these septet. Nonsense be humble. But it's the most important thing that happens in the united states. Lot of that last two guys off my crew quit and moved onto different jobs. Quitters can't blame them. I i can't and i will. I'm had absolutely to do yup. Yup but that's all right. We're getting taken care of. It's just a little bit busier now. Fair enough fair enough to deer tag off. Yup did or is he going. He's working with the dry bonds. He hasn't really explained to me what it is now. But the on the drive got recognized. They were able to organize in a more federally official manner. If you can possibly imagine something along those lines we're talking little shell cre- here goes who weren't with us. And now that they have their organization all set up and everything they have been able to make some good investments for the drive and start up some business venture type things and i don't know exactly what they are but things are moving along for them now and that's good for him on a bigger better thing so anybody looking for job. You like rental wheelers water and stuff bounce. No go down to the d. Give me her. You know what. I'm saying moscow pee. You're looking for other than writing emails. Come on go. wd figure that out job that bed. you'll find out. Yeah it's true to stop being poor. It's that easy yourself up by your bootstraps bootstraps. Do like elon. Musk did fuck you. Get a whole bunch of government money and she gets in his face. I better yet make submarine that you don't use and just leave somewhere into forget about it. That sounds like fun. all right. Forget about a submarine man. Submarines are so cool involves areas. Keep it here. Just in case i want to go submarine. Just play with your submarine man. Rockets land on chips test submarine fourteen hundred seventeen right now. Is that good. One month ago it was. Let's see us due to This is a stock day. Portion this is the relentless capitalism section of the podcast. Exactly where we give you cutting edge

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