Tangle and Headcorn Go To Battle


Hi story eights cold tongo an headcorn go tab bottle. It don't glisten there are two farms coal whores ball lot of poll gentle slope farm boy. The foot of love burst doc. Mountain and pepin farm next to the metals gentle slope farm is run by former on pepin farm farmer corn even though they do similar jobs and have quite similar farms in many ways the to thaw murders have nothing in common fucked. They are quite competitive. All ways arguing about who grows the best vase or who offstage date the best. The who has the most powerful tractor. Who's hayden later tastiest eggs or who has the best rubber boots any. Can you care to mention farmers. Tongo acorn will argue a bow and troy on coke heat with each other of bolton nothing invasive whole world may the more competitive done yearly ploughing contest. Pay was widened. Both farmers would take their tours and plows into the same failed on. Say who could play the earth up in the nativist law and end the quickest towing possible sort of rice way. You have to be very neat and very goad tractor. Driver of the contest would swap around every year while year on gentle slope arm. The next all pippen farm. Wow this year. The ploughing contest walls pippi held on farmer. Had headquarters pippen. Barb on him won't win it aven more than hey usually dade which walls odd about two hundred pay poll from the town had come down to watch and man that were tencent stolz setting cakes and multiples of toy tractors and even roy on some of the far machinery bought the nine attraction. Was the plowing called. Tash te on the rules were as follows. Both farmers must start at opposite ends on opposite soy of the same failed. And i most plowing. Who's bach unforced. And tell one is the first to get all their rows across to the middle of the field in the judges will compare. The rose are the farmer who gets to middle thirst hamas the house then they wayne if they get to the middle i on the author of farmers still has a nate. Ace rose that and they author farmer. When's three o'clock. Thumbers tangle and had corn up enter their two tractors which were parked in the yard. Falmer tarn goals was orange with a white cop and former headquarters was purple with a green cobb age gave each other one last stare before heading note opposite ends of the big failed very long. Gothard a long walden sullied most of them leaning on the stonewall some of them set in on each other's shoulders to watch the main george mayor dobbin storage on the judging platform with his big hooter on hayes. Mega thal on farmers ready. Both tangle on headcorn revved today engines of bear trotters on poulton levers in their that lower plowing blades into the her then So the mayor. The oath bars gently pushed their feet down on. The accelerators of air tractors

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